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Came across this petition a while back… I’m signature 10036 or something…

Anyhow, I just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention. There is an organization called Voices in the Wildnerness which is helping the poor Iraqis people by giving them food, medicine, and blankets. They are being sued by the US Justice Department for $20,000 plus interest, for bringing medicines to the people of Iraq, and VitW refuses to pay. Instead they would like 20,000+ signatures on a petition, and hopefully get the lawsuit dropped. You can read more about it here… and if you have any sense of what is right you would sign. Thanks for your time

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the money they save from not having to pay the lawsuit will be given to the poor dying people of Iraq, so by signing this petition you could potentially be saving lives.

If you were elected president of the US, what are the first five things you would do?
“1. Paint the White House black.
2. Change the National Anthem to “Who Let The Dogs Out”.
3. Bring the Bush family up before a War Crimes Tribunal–except those daughters who like to party.
4. Make sure all the girls that wouldn’t date me in high school know I’m President.
5. End hunger and stuff.”

Online Petitions never work unfortunately. =(

Well, unless you get like 200 000+ or so signatures…

But it’s a darn nice page layout. :smiley:

Have to agree with Wertigon. Nice page layout.


How do I know that they are really using that money to give stuff to the poor iraqians instead of just keeping the money for themselves?

Why else would they be getting sued? And yes online petitions are a waste of time just like, internet message boards:mwahaha:

Suing people because they’re making charity? Are you sane? It would take more dementation than even Bush has gathered to do such a thing, and other institutions like the Red Cross would be first targets. Also, if US government did sue people for helping war victims, the internal popularity of the Bush wouldn’t be around 60% by now, but rather near 0%. Outside US, boycotts would be commonplace since it would be the sign of a bigger war to come. They must be suing VitW for something else.

Meh, the page is for non-violence. A concept I don’t support so I WEEL NEVAIR SIGN EET.

Originally posted by Zombie_Ori
Meh, the page is for non-violence. A concept I don’t support so I WEEL NEVAIR SIGN EET.

Sign it or we’ll kill you!

That’s insane, in the sense that the Justice Department have lost the litte sense they had. The United States of America is having huge expences in Iraq, and what this charitable organisation did was reduce those expences and they go and sue them?

I suppose there’s some cynical logic to it. Probably has something to do with the extra money the lawsuit will give them, should they win it.

Everything that is online is a waste of time, that is part of what makes the Internet a place where absolutely nothing happens. Which makes me curious why we’re still here, I suppose it could have something to do with real life being exactly the same.

The colours are horrid, too bright and yellow. Those are a part of the layout too.