Do not fuck with Chimpanzees.

Anyone who knows anything about anthropology will confirm this is NOT something to be surprirsed about. Chimp males are large and highly aggressive and will literally tear you apart. As demonstrated:

Viva ignorance.

Strangest title in a forum I’ve ever seen.

I’ll click that link now.

``Animals bite, people bite, Mike Tyson bites. So what?’’ he said.

:hahaha; I’m lovin’ it.

I something on National Geographic channel awhile back that relates to this. Sometime ago in central (?) Africa, a group of chimpanzees were stealing babies from a village and killing them. They thought it had something to do with territorial presence and what have you.

Heh… I watched that special too. XD

I totally didn’t see the “with”.

Man, they ripped his nuts, foot, and face off.

They had some video footage (not of the attack, but rather of the survivors and the destroyed area) when they mentioned this on MSNBC tonight. According to the expert they spoke to, Chimpanzee’s typically have the mindset of a six year old, only without any knowledge of morality that a human six year old may or may not have. Thus, when they get angry or frustrated, they beat the crap out of (or in this instance, rip the crap out of) people. The chimp expert did mention that it was a rare instance, and normally an irate chimp would, at most, eat off a few fingers… O_o

… Dude. Ow.

Yes, I have read about such things beforehand, although I mainly remember that showing your teeth is a sign of aggression amongst primates and may very well cause primate males to attack you.

I know a little about the subject, but not the teeth thing. So if you smile at a chimp, he rip you nuts off.

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey rip parts off you?

Writes down Chimpanzee on list of animals not to go near

Would they like go flying if you shot them with a shotgun?

It would have to be point blank.

This is not Unreal Tournament.

I’m now adding “Chimpanzee Trainer” to my list of jobs to never go near.