Do *NOT* drive too fast over here, folks.

Some of you may have heard about this, but I’ll give it to you anyway; The new record of a speeding ticket might be closely at hand.

Dude speeds over here in Finland, get s one hefty speeding ticket…

And the funniest bit is that your speeding ticket is directly measured upon your income. Kids, millionaires… Don’t speed over here. ;>

I wonder if he was deliberately trying to break the previous record. :hahaha;

I’m curious to see what it’s based off if you have no income. (i.e. your parents bought you your car and pay your insurance) In that instance it’s probably based off your parent’s income I guess…

I find it odd that speeding tickets should be based on income at all.

I suppose if you don’t have normal income and sales taxes it would be a nice idea, but come on!

Everyone gets the same bloody utility from speeding, so why should millionairres pay more just because they have more?

That is like saying millionairres must pay more for an apple or a pear just because they have more, it destroys the value of the money!

<img src=“”> A 200 dollar fine is nothing to some filthy rich guy, while someone with the bare minimum of income would really have a hard time with paying that. The fine is supposed to be a reprimand, to discourage such behaviour. If you didn’t even notice the money, it wouldn’t exactly discourage speeding.

Which a fine of that magnitude mentioned in the article definitely would get the richer to notice, heh.

Well, there is a difficulty in this whole thing.

The ‘true’ price for speeding is the Odds of the cop catching you times the fine itself.

If the fine is $100, and the odds of the cop catching you is 20%…

$100 x 20% = $20.

Thus, speeding “costs” $10 on each instance.

When speeding costs more, let’s say, $10,000; then…

$10,000 x 20% = $2,000

When you factor in the psychological issues ("$10 is much less than $2000")

The end result comes to fewer rich people speeding while the number of poor and middle class speeder stays more or less the same.

Then you come to the fact that EVERY rich person appeals to the court, so money goes into court-proceedings…

Before you know it, the demand for lawyers goes up as the demand for speeding goes down. Before you know it, you’ve traded one evil for a worse evil!

After all, lawyers are much worse than speeding.

Oh yes, I’m sure lawyers are responsible for thousands of deaths per year.

Minimum Speeding Ticket:

You drive: 16-20+ over the speed limit:
…For a total of a single 115 Euro Fine.

And that’s with no income.

We have the same system here in Norway too. Except here he would also have lost his lisence.

Wow, you only lose that if you are drinking and driving over here or something similiar.

When Norwegians are in power, they like to be obeyed.


Fines are meant to discourage behavior. They should be just as effective in discouraging behavior in the rich as they are at discouraging behavior in the poor. If the fines seem like peanuts to the rich, then they aren’t discouraging the behavior enough. The idea that the fine is like buying the speeding is ridiculous. They aren’t buying anything, they are being penalized.

Just plagiarizing my economics book. :stuck_out_tongue: