Do me a favor guys (and girls)?

Just uh, if you see me around the chat during the next few weeks, yell at me to get the hell out of there? Cuz like, I’m falling waaaaaaaaay behind on my list of things I need to do, and sitting around on the compy all day isn’t helping. You’d think I’d have figured that out with the week or so I had no compy, but yeah I’m slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same kinda goes for the boards, only I don’t spend nearly as much time around here, so I don’t know if visiting once or twice a day will be as much of a problem.

Anyway, this is just until I get some important shit done, and when everyone else is done calling me bitch/whore/slut/etc. Which has gotten really annoying lately, and despite my best efforts to ask people to knock it off, it doesn’t seem to help. Also, apparently my mere presence seems to be bothering certain people, so I’ll just let them be for a while, see if they can bloody get over their ridiculous hate for me.

That’s about it. goes to her first task, gathering stuff to pawn off

No. <!-- -->

Who the hell hates Nessa ;_;

Just have 'em add “Nessa, get outta here.” to the title and you’re theoretically set. :3

You’re not alone, Nessa. I’ve had the same thing happen to me a few times, where I wasted too much time socializing and not enough time doing. Just try and gradually cut down on the amount of time you spend chatting and posting, and we’ll do what we can to help you out.

Though I have a feeling this thread has a deeper meaning… as shown in your third paragraph.

No one here is bothered by you, but judging from recent actions, it seems that you’re expecting people to be bothered by you. This negative view of the board and the chat is making things much worse than they initially seem. And I know you’ve been pretty negative and irritable lately; I’ve never seen you swear all that much until around now.

I’d like to say something though… I don’t dislike you in any way, but I do not like how you degrade yourself. And I see it a lot; in the Picture Posting thread, the Voice Posting thread, the thread you made a few days back, and various other times. Now, it’s normal to doubt yourself every now and then, but don’t you think you might be far too hard on yourself? If you feel sorry for yourself too much, people will generally label you as “angsty” and just stop caring as much.

And why on Earth would anyone hate you? You know that you’re fun to be around, you’re smart, you’re attractive, and the people on the boards want you around. Do you not remember the last time you left the board, and everyone waited on bated breath for your return?

Just please, stop doubting yourself and stop thinking we’re all bothered by you, because if you keep saying we all don’t want anything to do with you, we might just start believing it.

I think certain people are annoyed by everyone generally, and not by you inparticular. I also think certain people dont realize that what they say has an affect on people.

I probably dont know the whole thing, but i have seen some of it, and im pretty sure people dont hate you, or wish you left.

I’ll try to remind you. As for people being mean, screw them.

Dalton said everything I would have said and more. hugs Nessa

You’ll be back. I’d advise you tone down the rhetoric when you do.

Yeah, Nessa. You know you have many friends here.

Taking some time off from posting wouldn’t be a bad idea, thought. Some of us let ourselves get too involved in things and let them bother us more than they should. At the end of the day, this is just a Message Board, and whether some people are annoyed by you or not doesn’t matter one whit.

So, take your time and deal with Life. Just don’t forget your friends, OK?

Can’t we all just discuss porn and be happy?

Apparently not.

Don’t worry Nessa. I think that if certain people bother you, it’s really due to them actually [either consciously or unconsciously] liking you.

Feeling popular yet?

I like how people can completely ignore the same faults in other people that they point out in one person because they don’t like them. >>;

That’s exactly the problem and its a lot more complicated than you think.

Sin: Expand.

Oh, and don’t leave >:O But fine. I’ll be sure to remind you <<;

How about Sin: Don’t expand. It’s nobody’s fucking business, and I don’t even know what he knows, or how he knows about it.

Then again, nothing’s personal around here is it?

Will do, dude. I have no idea what you’re talking about though, with people being jerks to you - probably because I’m hardly ever on when you are. I have no FUCKING clue what people are being all mysterious about in this thread, but guys, knock it off. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re freaking me out.

Anyways, yeah. Consider it done.

<3 maz

I will most certainly politely inform you that you may have more pressing matters when I do see you Nessa.

I must say im with Maz on the whole attitude thing, I for one have never seen it happen, although if I do see any such antisocial behaviour towards ANYONE in the chat, I will be clamping down. There has been a great deal too much of this sort of behaviour lately.

Then take a deep breath and step away from the issue. We told the parties involved to knock it off and that includes you. I think it’s a pretty simple thing to ask. The boards or the chat aren’t a place to bring these issues and making a mysterious fuss about all this will only serve to bring more attention to the issue at hand and although I personally have better things to than involved in this kinda pettiness, other people might not and I can’t be held accountable for what they do. Continuously making yourself the center of attention for this issue will eventually REALLY make you the center of attention and I doubt you want that kinda spotlight and the tables might or might turn around on you since this didn’t start in a vacuum. I’ve seen it happen. Now I’m going to close this thread and you’ and the others going to play nice like everyone else and we won’t have to deal with this anymore. I don’t think this is an unreasonable request.