Do I have the best avatar ever?

I’m pretty sure I do.

NO. i dont think so

Well, to be honest…no.

Look at mine! Its the coolest!!! Your’s is :boring: compared to mine!

Let’s see thinks for a second

No that is not the best avatar I have seen. Although it ain’t that bad.

Sometimes I just wish you would find one you like and stick with it. You have had way to many avatars.

I like it, it’s amazing how Sephiroth can be transformed into a pirate…my guess is Orlando Bloom

Johnny Depp.

And to be honest, with the exception of Evangelion, none of your opinions count, or matter. Cuz you’re all newbies, and newbies don’t count.

Eva’s a newbie too…but I think your avatar is even better than the one I stol…er, made. Yeah.

It is okay Charle ^^ But the beads kinda stick out a bit, other then that it is cool :smiley:


Its cool…

But its not worth my l33t elemental swirl avatar >:D