DnD character background

I just wrote the background to my character Brogan, dwarven fighter. He’s a new character but I thought I’d attach the background here for you guys to read.

EDIT: I probably should have attached it, or since I can’t, paste it.

At the age of 36 (Although he did not know it) Brogan was a slave to a group of multi-racial bandits. He knew his language’s (Dwarven & Common) although he had no memory of learning them or his parents at all. All he knew was that he was a slave or ‘dwarf slave’, as the drivers would call him. Anyway at the age of 16 a large thin shaft of wood fell from his cell wall, Brogan spent the night sitting and sharpening the end to make a ‘spear’. That next morning he hid the spear under his bedclothes and waited for Gramblo, the slaver he hated so much, to come in and wake him for ‘work’. When he did he noticed outside his cell a group of men were piling up heavy packages next to a small entrance to the sewers, Brogan knew that he would soon have to carry a package through to a tavern through the sewers to avoid getting caught. Gramblo called to him, but Brogan ignored and sat on his bed. Gramblo shouted again and got very angry, he drew his dagger and approached Brogan, he lifted his arm to beat him over the head but a spear was soon shafted his way and went right through his stomach killing him instantly. The cell door was unlocked but closed and no one knew of Gramblo’s death or Brogan’s spear. Brogan stood at the door a little and peered through a gap, one anonymous slaver was kneeling at the sewer entrance, and no others seemed to be around. Brogan kicked the door open and darted out of the cell shouldering the man down the hole into the sewers, he heard a shout and 2 men came running after him. Brogan quickly jumped down the hole without thinking, landing on the slaver lying on the floor at the bottom and breaking his bones. He ran, or waded, through the sewers being chased for some time, when he came to a corner he tripped over something in the water and decided to give up the chase hoping his life would be spared. Now lying more or less submerged under water he noticed the 2 slavers continue running past him, they could not see him under the water. He let them go ahead and then climbed out of the sewers up some ladders. Now in the city he had heard much about he immediately thought of finding more like him, more ‘dwarves’. It was raining in the city, and dark early morning. He saw another person about his height sitting on a pony with an empty carriage on tow. He approached and spoke to the man asking him if he would take him to where all the others lived. The man told him he was not a dwarf but a halfling and he knew not where dwarves lived. Brogan agreed to go to the village of halflings, with the man who was a merchant here to trade. At the halfling village Brogan spent 2 years of his life living with the halfling who took him there, and there got his name Brogan after a pony one of the halflings had bought from a dwarf. He learned much of the world here and learned many new words but wanted to meet more dwarves. After 2 years a halfling he had been a good friend of gave him a map telling the location of the Dwarven Mountains. He was also given a crossbow, a tent, some food and a bedroll. Brogan set out onto the trail and was perfectly fine most of the way until night fell. He set up his tent by the road and slept soundly, but was soon woken abruptly but voices outside. He grabbed his spear (a real one he bought from a halfling merchant) and peeked outside, there were many large humans approaching the tent with weapons, likely bandits. Brogan tore through the canvas and charged forward knocking one bandit down, the others fired arrows at him but Brogan ran from the trail into the large forest around him. Brogan was lost for many days in the wilderness, he had left his map behind and had only his crossbow (he had spent many bolts hunting small animals for food) and his spear. He eventually encountered 3 elves; he had never met them before but had heard of them, this particular bunch were rangers of the forest. Brogan greeted them kindly and offered his hand. The elves laughed at him and knocked his hand away. He asked them for help and explained his situation to them but they still mocked him and made jokes, calling him a ‘weedy little mountain crawler’ and saying ‘how pathetic that a mighty dwarf would ask a weak old elf for help’. They laughed at him for living with halflings and they laughed at their kin too. Brogan got very cross with them and went into a furious rage, he seized the closest punching him in the face and then taking a successful shot with the crossbow killing him. The second he knocked down with the shaft of his spear while he impaled the third then finished her off while she lay unconscious. He remembered one of their insults ‘a tiny little dwarf from the mountains over there’ he remembered where they had pointed and set off in that direction. He did very soon come to the mountainside where he was welcomed generously by dwarves, he soon found a home and a talent making weapons for them. He also learned his true age from the length of hid beard, and he has lived there ever since.

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Wait, was he 16 or 36 when he broke free?

Other than that, it sounds good. And kudos to the elf-killing! :cool:

Damn, 36 it was supposed to be, but thanks for pointing that out so I can edit it.

Yeah that was very interesting to read. I love dwarves, and hate elves, so I thought it was great.

Fascinating, Gilgamesh. What is Brogan doing at the moment in the campaign?

There is no campaign yet, but it should start next month.