I consider a series dead when they don’t release a game for it for 4-5 years. The last SF (if you don’t count Anniversary Collection and the GBA rereleases) was Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike, released in 2000, if I recall correctly. 4 years is a fucking long time to release a sequel/prequel, especially when you don’t have to change things around that much and you only need to do a graphical update.

Info : The “buzz” around the Anniversary Collection? What buzz? I’m the only one on the boards interested about it. Izlude maybe but that’s because he’s a Third Strike whore (and it’s included in the AC). Kidding Iz, just making fun of your Third Strike fanboyism. The only “buzz” it created is amongst hardcore fans of the genre, as it’s just more of the same.

They released one in 2001 or 2002. It was like EX3 or something like that. They also released Alpha 3 for GBA last year. For a Street Fighter fan, you sure don’t keep up on the games.

Maybe on the boards, but I’ve heard buzz about it in magazines and on other sites.

IMO most 2d fighting games (unfortunately) are a dying breed because developers dont make enough of them (in the states at least). The reason only the hardcore fans are excited about them is because the masses (also known as stupid consumer whore dumbshits) just want the prettier flashier bigger game that will make thier eyes sparkle. So while 3d fighters are IN and 2d Fighters are slowly loosing appeal (because developers, believe it or not, will reject good games that dont push a system’s graphic potential).

I agree with Trillian, Capcom CAN make good games aside from thier franchizes, however, I was not a fan of DMC2, DMC was one of Capcom’s finest moments however. I’ll just wait and see what Gameinformer and IGN (and some of you guys) say about it. Since trill’s gonna get it as soon as it comes out I’m sure she’ll tell us what its like.

Final Note: 2d pwns 3d.

Alpha 3 = Rerelease, that’s why I didn’t count it. EX3 was made by Aruze, the makers of all of the EX SFs, and EX3 was released on the day of the release of the PS2. As fun as it was, it’s still not a Capcom-made Street Fighter (plus, the remake of Alpha 3 on GBA was handled by Crawfish).

As far as the 2-D market dying, maybe if SNK/Playmore dropped the NEO, it would be less dead. Maybe if Sammy Studios decided to port the original GGXX in arcades instead of the NA arcades having to import it. Maybe if Capcom would work on a 2-D fighter that does not REHASH 12 YEAR OLD SPRITES (Yes, I’m talking about Capcom Fighting Evolution, check the Darkstalkers sprites compared to the Red Earth sprites…).

I’m willing to push forward that Capcom single-handedly killed 2-D fighting, along with help from SNK. Sammy just shrugged.

Noise Factory should work on a game that DOESN’T use the NEO, and maybe then we’ll see some improvement.

Well, Capcom is fucking up alot of things right now, so I’d agree, they fucked up Megaman X by making a shitty 3d game out of him. And they fucked up with MegamanEXE by making a Pokemon equivelent franchise. I hate MMEXE btw, hes a sidescrolling platformer character, not an RPG Hero, but whatever people like it so its here to stay. They have been holding my attention with the Megaman Zero stuff, but lately Capcom is starting to remind me of Nintendo:
“Whats this Original idea thing you’re talking about?! People like when we just release rehashed versions of the same games your parents bought when they were kids!”

I greatly hate Nintendo right now.

But even though CvS2 had some old sprites, the gameplay is what draws the crowd. I love that game. I’d say its my fave, maybe tied with 3rd strike. I played Mark of the Wolves at the arcade not too long ago and it was neat, but didnt feel perfect, maybe the flow of the game is just so different from Capcom’s that its hard to get used to, but it showed potential.

Every Company has som kind of Bad Period, It wont last forever (but maybe veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long)

Yep, Squares “first” bad period was right before Final Fantasy 1’s release, and guess what… it saved them.

Hopefully 12 will do the miracle again.

MotW is probably SNK’s best fighter, EVER. It’s that damn good, and it’s the closest to a Capcom game you’re going to get :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I do advise checking out Rage of the Dragons. It’s the best tag-fighter availiable right now, period. The only thing that isn’t flawless about the game is Alice’s Infinite, which made the game suck (as you basically picked Anyone/Alice).

Capcom has always been VERRRRRRY lazy. Hell, since they’ve become cel-shading whores, the best cel-shading they’ve ever done was Crimson Tears, and that was done by Spike, so they deserve no credit! Their two latest sleepers, Way of the Samurai 2 and Crimson Tears, well, they’re better than anything they’ve put out on PS2, bar nothing!

When that happens, it’s time to seriously reconsider who’s making the decisions.

You know what I miss out of Capcom? Megaman X games that were speed metal & SNES sprite based games. I miss Megaman games that let you kill one fucking little robot without having to fully charge your M.Buster for every enemy. I miss street fighter games that ARENT crazy seizure inducing fits like MvC2. I miss good games, period.

It seems like ever since Microfuck and Nintendo sent out thier systems, the Videogame’s marketing is more interested in competing with “Get another good looking game out” rather than “Mage a GOOD game and get it out when we can”. Everyone needs to learn from Blizzard (but maybe not as slow as them…) because Blizzards games always please. What GOOD next gen games have come out in the last 2 months? I’ve been enjoying Tales of Symphonia, but that was more than 2 months ago…

pees on Capcom/Sqare/Konami Get to work you lazy ass holes!

Even SNK’s doing the “Let’s have a big jamboree of characters”

Check out the NEOGEO Battle Coliseum. This is going to pwn.