anyone lookin forward for Devil May Cry3?

Never heard of it, what’s the series like?

I can’t wait for it

what about you?

Devil May Cry is a gothic sort of action game. It is pretty similar gameplay wise to Castlevania. You fight stuff and power-up your weapons and abilities. The first one is much better than the sequel. Devil May Cry was one the PS2’s first big hits. Before MGS2 came it, it was the game to own on the PS2. Also, style is a big part of the game and you earn points based on how you kill stuff. You have a nice array of weapons from a sword to pistols, to gloves letting you do martial arts, to a grenade launcher and some other weapons. The first one is a greatest hit now. You should try to get it.

Devil May Cry takes place in New York, yore Dante Son of a human woman and the legendary Demonic Warrior Sparda. He and his twin brother got the powers of Sparda but the human appereance of the mother. One day His father died and his mother and brother were kidnapped. He opened a Demon Hunting Agency called Devil May Cry. And slays Demons with style and coolness,

if i tell anymore im gonna spoil DMC 1 and 2

I just cant wait for DMC3, the trailer was so COOOL!

it’d be really cool if they added new weapons!

here download the Trailer

and the music is fucking awesome

i always like the sparda sword, wchich other weapon is a scythe a lance and a sword in one?
chack i have a lance
chack i have a scythe
chack i have a sword

and all in one combo!

Hoo boy, DMC3 is going to BLOW…

Why? DMC is one of Capcom’s best franchises. They can’t afford not to learn from their mistakes this time.

EDIT: After the screwup that was DMC2, I failed to mention. >_>

I think it will be a little better then mediocre

This game’s on my ‘To Play as Soon as it Hits the Shelves’ list. :moogle:

I think that Capcom knows that DMC is one of their better new franchises and know that they miss fired with DMC2. While it is still a good game, it is no where near the quality of the first title. Capcom will probably take note and try to improve DMC3. Hell, I think that part of the problem with DMC2 is that mroe action games came out and improved upon what DMC did, which made DMC2’s improvements not as good and a step back in some areas.

I think that this quote from the Game Revolution review sums up DMC2 very well.

It’s not that DMC 2 is a bad game, it’s that it fails to expand and improve on the original in ways that seemed so…obvious. Which leaves us with a game that is better in some ways, worse in others, and, in the end, mostly the same.


We’re talking about the company that could not be ASSED to redo Morrigan’s sprite for Capcom versus SNK 2, the most anticipated fighter of all time. We’re also talking about the company that cannot be ASSED to do anything decent for anything that isn’t Megaman, and even then, it’s debatable.

They improved Onimusha, Resident Evil, and has done some nice things with Street Fighter. Everyone missfires occasionally.

Waiting for it just like I am MGS3, KH:CoM, and Xenosaga Ep 2.

Nice things with Street Fighter? What the hell are you smoking, son?

This year marks Street Fighter’s 15th anniversary. Last year’s was Megaman. Megaman had a crapload of things coming out, 3-4 games if I recall correctly, the announcing of Command Mission, and all things like that. It was a GREAT year to be a Megaman fan, which I am NOT.

This year, I had hoped Street Fighter got the same treatment. Anniversary Collection had been announced. I thought they’d release something like SF4, or SFBeta or something.


Nothing. Nada. Only SF Anniversary Collection. And the announcement of Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution.

Megaman got 3 games, an anime series, and lots of coverage.

SF got 1, maybe 2 games if you count CFE, and…well, nothing, go on the website, and they don’t care about the 15th Anniversary of SF. There’s nothing. They could have used this opportunity to say : “Yes, we fucked up in the translation, here’s the real story.” but no.

SF only died because Capcom let it die. DMC will die because it’s not Megaman. Same with Onimusha 3. Who here only bought Blade Warriors because EXE Megaman was in it?

And your point is?

Just because they didn’t release a freaking new SF game doesn’t mean the series is dead, and just because another game isn’t MM doesn’t mean that it’ll bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m talking about when Street Fighter was new. It is on the billiobnth release now. Each Street Fighter added new moves, characters, and lcoations. They also imcreased the fluidity. Despite being the same basic game, STreet Fighter remained popular for a long time. Also, the Street Fighter Alpha games, 3 in particular, got excellent reviews and added some nice new touches.

Let Street Figther die? Bullshit. If Street Fighter was dead, there would be no buzz aroudn the Collector’s Edition. Also, after a million games, it is sort of hard to find new ways to improve a game with the same technology. Hell, Mega Man still gets new games,

As for Mega Man, there are a million Mega Man games people just got sort of tired fo them. Up until Mega Man X4/8, the Mega Man games were pretty good and still did pretty well, especially considering how long it took to move to a new system.

Blade Warriors isn’t a typical Onimusha game. It is a fighting game. That is like saying that Resident Evil is losing it because because Marvel vs Capcom didn’t live up to your expectations.

Also, you say that Capcom doesn’t care about Street Fighter as much as Mega man because Mega Man got 3 releases. That is sort of stupid. First, Street Fighter just wasn’t meant to be played on the GBA. It would be severly limited since you’d be missing 2 buttons. In a fighting game, every button is important. Second, Capcom doesn’t like the XBOX. Third, the GC controller isn’t the best for fighting games, especially older fighting games. A GC version would probably be blasted univerasally by reviewers which would cause Capcom to probably lose more money producing it for the GC than it’s worth. That really only leaves the PS2 which is what it is being released on.

Also, Onimusha doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing. RE is still doing well and its games are anticipated, probably more so than Mega Man. Onimusha also seems to be more anticipated than Mega Man.

EDIT: Also, DMC2 isn’t a bad game, it just wasn’t up to the high standards the first one set. Capcom just didn’t improve the game in the right ways.

EDIT: It could also be a bit like Zelda. The second one is widely considered to be the worst and wasn’t liked much until recently. However, Nintendo learned from what they did wrong and fixed it.