DMC 3 Hard

Devil May Cry 3 The game is hard as fuck Buy only if you want a lot of time to kill

Tell me what you think

and i am on easy mode and it is still hard

Is this a complaint, or adoration of a game that merely plays like all games should play?

All games should be repetitive?

Well then, you just suck. Keep playing and you will get better.

I Am A DMC 3 Fan so i just it was hard as fuck but i can sit down and play it

Easy mode? pfft…wimp.

All games should be hard and bullshitless. All games already are repetitive.

I spent more than 50 hours on the game, and still have to beat Dante Must Die. I ss ranked nearly evey easy and normal mission, and most hard mode missions I got As and Bs. The more you play, the better you get. All enemies announce their attacks, so you have a split second to either dodge or attack. Learn their patterns, and learn all your weapons moves. I find Rebellion and Beowulf an effective pair, as well as Cerberus and Nevan.