Djinns (or genies)

Well… I didn’t know where to put this exactly… if it doesn’t belong here please move it to the correct forum…

I’m working on a project where djinns are involved… and there is one which I don’t know exactly how to name… any expert on this type of things could help? I have this list for its name…

Bardot, Bardu, Baldu, Baldur.

Do you know which is the exact name of the djinn? I’ve been thinking of Baldur… but is it really a djinn?.

They should have either arab or persian names. The ones you cited don’t look like neither (edit: on a second thought, I think Bardu does look like something that’d be ancient mesopotamian, so it could apply).

Read this:

Muslims believed that some jinns have once been mortal men; they should keep their names after the transformation.