DJ Hero...?

I must say, I don’t understand the point of a DJ Hero. Guitar Hero is one thing, everyone loves imagining themselves being able to blaze across a fretboard in front of tens of thousands of people, but DJing? Really? Is there even a fanbase for this? Does anyone actually fall asleep at night thinking about how cool it would be to scratch discs in some downtrodden club? What kind of soundtrack is it going to have, just old 90s hiphop and Linkin Park? What’s next, Cowbell Hero? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think FreeStyleGames and Activision are both totally off the ball on this one. Just my opinion.

I think they may have a market with the House, Trance, Electronic and Industrial crowd.

When these rhythm games were popular in Asia there was a couple games made for niche markets that didn’t pan out. One was a dance game called Para Para Paradise where the player would stand in a ring of sensors and wave their hands around while dance music played. Score and complexity of the game was kept track of similar to DDR.

Another was a piano game. There was a keyboard about an octave and a half long and the game play was like Guitar Hero.

They didn’t last in the long run but took advantage of the DDR and Guitar Hero hype.

Beatmania was popular in its day and still has a cult following (I for one loved the game). I’m really looking forward to DJ Hero despite not being a huge fan of the music.

Yeah, Dance Dance Revoltion was really popular, even with people who I know hate that kind of music and just dancing in general. It may not turn out to be as popular as Guitar Hero, but whether or not people dream of being a DJ is probably going to be pretty irrelevant.

These are things our CEO says.

Wow, your boss is a douche.

Is it me, or is the guy is trying to pick up EA’s past torch as the biggest corporate dick in the market?

HAHAAHA!!! Oh man. Hades syndrome strikes again. No offence or anything, but rock and electric guitars do not rule the world and people’s music tastes. It may be our preferred styles of music but believe me there is a huge electronic music following. I’ve known and still know people who wanted and want to DJ just as much as we want to rock.

As for the game’s potential… beats me. I don’t even like rock band or guitar hero so I don’t see why I would bother with a DJ hero either.

Hell yeah. Not me, but hell yeah.