Divided yet united.

As some of you may know, Israel is going forward with a controversial plan to give back the entire Gaza Strip to the Palestinians. The country is sorely divided on this plan, with many people (particularly the ones living there) fighting it with every bit of energy they have. The Israeli media and the government has played up the tension, warning of “civil war”, soldiers rebelling, trauma, violence… The army will be ordered to chase people out of the houses and farms they’ve been in for decades, never to return. (I am not commenting on whether the plan is “right” or not, by the way.)

And yet, when time comes for afternoon prayers…
<IMG SRC=http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/cidolfas/minyan.jpg>

It’s good to see that there’s a potential peace settlement between Palastine and Isreal.

That doesn’t change the fact that these highly conservative people could significantly harm the very difficult peace process in Israel. I mean, what is more desirable: 5000 Jews living amongst 1,000,000 Arabs in a small strip of land, or Arabs that have their own state and thereby ensuring safety and peace in all of Israel?

Again, I don’t wish to turn this thread into a comment on the Gaza situation. It is incredibly complex, and I doubt anyone who hasn’t made an extended and thorough study of the history and psychology of both sides of the region can accurately say which way is better. There are excellent arguments for both sides. I just thought that it was heartwarming that people of the same nation can put aside their differences and realize that they’re still part of the same people.