Disneybots: Transform and roll out!!

It had to happen, I guess: OPTIMUS PRIME MICKEY MOUSE!! http://dvice.com/archives/2009/01/deceptatoon_mic.php

Yes, this is real. Multimillion Dollar Franchises unite! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, you can actually convert it from truck to robot! My favorite part is the look on Mickey’s face: “Oh YEAH! Bring it on NOW, Pegleg Pete!!”

I’ve seen a lot of gay things in my life… and now I’ve seen one more.

Didn’t they do the same thing with both Star Wars and certain Marvel characters like Spider Man and such?

Don’t know about Star Wars, but they did have Marvel Robots at one time.

Oh, and this isn’t the first time a Disney character gets “transformered”: Mr. Potato Head did it first!

Then again, he is a toy, so it makes more sense in his case.

(Oh, and he wasn’t originally a Disney character either, gotta be fair.)

Lol, that looks hilarious! xD Personally I believe that when companies do things like this… it’s just a vain attempt to keep interest in certain series (cartoons.) The way I see it ever since Transformers debuted, it has been going downhill ever since. You know, with the Japanese adaptions… which practically led to a conversion; turning it straight into an anime! Then you had the movies, which had very little (if anything) to do with the original story of transformers… (I mean lets face it, 90% of people probably went to see it for Megan Fox!.. the producers even supported this in the making of the second one! xD)

…and now this… but who knows, the current generation of kids will probably enjoy it, so there’s no denying it’s possible success!

If the Transformers are going downhill, they must be on a VERY steep hill! :smiley: Though it’s true they have gone up and down in popularity over the years, and their “mythos” have gotten unbelievably tangled, it was better to start over.

Oh and crossovers like this aren’t that usual because you have to navigate a sea of copyrights to get it made; heck sometimes those thing interfere even with a single company’s characters: Marvel comics once had a Fantastic Four cartoon where Johnny was replaced with a robot (H.E.R.B.I.E.) not (contrary to popular beliefs) because they were afraid kids would burn themselves imitating him, but rather because Marvel had leased the rights to the character to a movie company to produce a Human Torch movie… that never got made. So instead we had The Fantastic Three and their Comedy Relief 'Bot. eyes roll

I don’t know what you two are talking about. The various series were mostly hit or miss but it hasn’t been a steady decline.

G1: First season is actually pretty damn good considering the time and age of the series. Which was unfortunate given how the second season was a giant toy commercial. Haven’t seen the Third, Fourth seasons, or the movie yet.
Beast Wars: Do I really need to make a case for this? Still the best damn series in Transformer history by miles and one of the best fricken shows of the 90’s.
Beast Machines: Eh. Slow start and kinda got silly near the end but wasn’t too bad in retrospective. It’s biggest mistake was succeeding BW.
Robots in Disguise: Pretty damn anime and got completely ridiculous at the end when it was like 30-40 Autobots, most of which were sporting powerups and mid season upgrades, versus 6 Decepticons, and with only 2 Predicons remaining (and that includes Megatron), neither of which were on the same side. And the Autobots were getting their asses kicked like a bunch of chumps.
Armada: Now this one was alright. The Minicons turned out to be one of the better Transformer gimmicks plus a morally conflicted Starscream, Unicron’s involvement in the end really, and a general balance in power between Autobots and Decepticons helped keep the series above average.
Energon: The less said the better.
Cybertron: Just another blatant toy commercial.
Animated: The latest series. Was pretty damn awesome, if for no other reason, than having The Tick personified as Sentinel Prime and something resembling something like an overall plot arc. Probably rate it second after BW.
Bayformers: First one was surprisingly watchable. Second one was unsurprisingly not.
UK Gen2/Japanaformers: Whole 'nother ball of wax, those are.

@Killmore: I agree the original Transformers was awesome (especially for its time, no doubt!) Then we had Beast Wars, which I thought was still awesome and was a big fan of it! As for Beast Machines; I never heard of it (must have missed it?) then “Robots in Disguise” was pretty good.

However, from Armada onwards I believe it went downhill, I mean they already started adding anime elements in at Armada or Energon (can’t remember which one) Things such as enormous water droplets on the robots faces when they were embarrassed and then the typical anime facial expressions (which didn’t suit the robots at all) then you had their movements change from nice suitable style (with the odd quirk here and there) to fluid/jelly like movements… which again didn’t suit them. But the most, disappointing for me was the designs themselves! They started out great… got a bit better as technology improved then… got worse and worse and worse, in other words, Optimus became like Gumby… (and I aint knockin Gumby! :P)

That’s just my opinion! :slight_smile: