Disney vs. Mr. Moore


Disney? Censor him? Oh…no they would never do that…

Hopefully things will be sorted out somehow. I want to see Moore’s new film, having quite liked Bowling for Columbine.

The world needs more Moores. It’ll get out some way.

Wait a second…I think Miramax was the same part of Disney that has the ultra-violent Kill Bill under it’s belt. If that’s the case…then this whole case against Moore is stupid. Besides, what other incriminating evidence against the Bush family don’t we already know. I knew his family had ties with bin Laden’s and all that other conspiracy jazz.

‘Boo’ at Disney.
But also ‘Boo’ at Moore. All he does is whine.

Umm… that’s bullshit, Nulani. He doesn’t just whine. He actually got things done. Watch “Bowling for Columbine” - he got K-Mart to stop selling bullets. That’s a lot.

EDIT: Not only that, but watch “Roger and Me,” his first film. He doesn’t just whine, he takes action.

True story…I’ve watched both and I’ve seen what he’s done. He may be a little over the top sometimes, but he’s effective. And “Dude, Where’s My Country?” is a pretty good book, along with “Stupid White Men.”

Yea, Bowling For Columbine is a great movie. I was pretty impressed when he got K-Mart to stop selling bullets. That’s pretty mammoth.

Dude, it’s election year and he did something that may get a few votes off the republican candidate. What more would you expect from Disney, the company founded by one of America’s greatest right wing extremists?

He’s right…it’s like trying to post an advertisement for John Kerry during a commercial break from Bill O’Reilly’s show.

They published another one of his films during the 1998 election year.


Moore may be an asshole douchbag, but he’s the good kind of asshole douchbag that tries t make a difference.

"In Eisner’s words, the company decided that it “did not want a film in the middle of the political process where we’re such a nonpartisan company and our guests, who participate in all of our attractions, do not look for us to take sides.” "

Then why in gods name would they even think of begining to releasing a film by Mike Moore?

I don’t agree with everything Moore says, but I do think his films bring up a lot of good points.

>Then why in gods name would they even think of begining to releasing a film by Mike Moore?

Miramax was probably running much of the show as they likely have a good deal of autonomy from Disney. Especially with the Weinsteins in charge, who are two of the heaviest hitters in Hollywood. That being said, I think by not distributing the film they’re making more publicity than if they had just released it quietly, but, it’s their company, they can not sponsor it if they don’t want to.

Yes, he does get things done.
But he doesn’t make documentaries. He whines.

Mr Moore, Mr Moore
walking down the corridor…

even disney is currupt now…

Even Disney?
I think they were among the first.

Man though, “whine” has such a negative connotation. Though I agree that Bowling for Columbine wasn’t so much a “documentary” as it was, maybe, a “criticism” would be a better word. “Whining” kind of implies that his complaints are just based on self-interest, whereas I think Moore cares deeply about the interests of the American people and the world as a whole.

And yeah, uh, what a surprise, a huge corporation doesn’t want to rock the political boat. I loved how Disney was like, “we don’t want to stop getting tax breaks,” and how smoothly Jeb Bush was like, “Oh, we don’t give Disney tax breaks.” Hahahahahah bullshit.

Maz spoke my thoughts beautifully.