Disney to remake Aladdin...as a live action movie in modern time!

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One of the strangest idea ever by Disney is a planned remake of Aladdin…as a live action movie set in modern time! I loved the original, but unless it was set in the past, I honestly doubt this will work. What he going to be called “Bob Aladdin” or something?

Hahaha, modern-day? Aladdin? What, is he gonna get imprisoned for being a suspected terrorist? Ohhhh boy, I’d like to see that prison scene!

In other news:

Michael Eisner is a son of a bitch who scraps 2D animation teams because he thinks that people want CG cartoons! What he doesnt realize is that Pixar doesnt make profit because thier movies are 3D animation, they make profit cause they make GOOD MOVIES.

Fuck Mike Eisner in his stupid ass!

What in the hell are these people smoking?!

Eisner’s cock, to be exact :smiley:


I smell Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve rip-off.

How can you criticize a movie that has hardly gone into production yet? Pirates of the Caribbean was based of a ride, but people loved that movie.

Oh please, tell me you can see something good come out of this. I dare you. And the PoC ride wasn’t one of the great classics in children’s movies, there’s a much higher standard here.



This is twisted…

If they do it right, it will be HILARIOUS. If that’s not good, I don’t know what is.

I can see it now. Young stereotypical inner city male is taken out to the sands of arabia on a family vacation that he doesn’t want to go on, it would ruin his street cred! Wackiness and adventure are sure to ensue, however, when he meets a cute local, who follows him around the local market! The outlook turns dark when he is arrested, and forced to enter the secret cave, in order to escape, and re-meet the love of his life…

On Disney DVD January 14th !!! Soundtrack by Hillary Duff and Aaron Carter !!!

Arabain Nights > Aladdin

You know, when I saw some ads for some of Disney’s more recent works, I really thought Disney had lost its rocker. What I saw is nothing compared to this @_@.

Neither is Aladdin, its a horrible, horrible movie.

Lets just hope when they say ‘modern’ they don’t mean some poor kid, living in a ghetto and he finds a magic lamp in an underground cave…which is actually the basement of the local crack house. And the lamp isn’t a lamp it’s a hash pipe.

It better be PC, cause having a white guy playing aladdin will be funny shit.

Hell with that, I’m just hoping the Genie in the modern one isn’t a drug halucination. By the look of this Mike Eisner got a halucination telling him he’d be successful if he did something unbelievably stupid to a Disney movie, so it’s a freak possibility.

Funnily enough, Bret Hart is scheduled to play the Genie in a Canadian production of Aladdin. It’s too bad he’s not in this one. :frowning:

Damn. He might have even made a drug halucination Genie worth it. >.<

Oh wait, I forgot about “Kazam”