Disney and Marvel


Finally Howard the Duck Vs Donald could probably happen,among other things.

My response to this is a resounding “meh”. I don’t get why this is causing the internet to have such a shit fit. Disney owns lots of things.

I guess it’s because it came out of nowhere,This morning I got up,looked at the internet and saw this news and went WTF? It’s one of the things that took me by surprise and certaintly I was not expecting it.

Yeah, my initial reaction was a massive WTF, but then quickly mellowed out to a “meh”. It won’t really change much right now, and people are grossly overreacting, but what can you expect? It’s the Internet.

Honestly? I’m interested to see what would come of this. Disney has shown that it can know when it’s best to leave stuff alone and let the companies it owns have autonomy, like Pixar. Also, Warner Brothers, another television/movie studio conglomerate, owns DC, and has done so for years. Or has everyone forgotten Batman: the Animated Series, Superman, Justice League Unlimited? I’m curious to see what Disney might be able to do with the Marvel animated world since most of what I’ve seen marvels tudios put out was… not all that great, artistically speaking.

This point makes this business move all the more obvious.

I thought that this was only a Conan sketch until I saw this thread.

(Also Gooferine is made of win and own, and Thingerella needs to exist.)

Whatever, that Spectacular Spider-Man show is awesome. X-Men Evolution won an Emmy.

Oh, I definitely agree on those, but I’m also considering, say, how even in the 90’s all the shows they produced like Spiderman and X-Men were a little… hmm, I’m not sure what the word is. I still watched them as a kid, but considering what else I watched, that’s not saying much. But what I’m trying to say is, I want to see what Marvel does with Disney behind them. I really can;t see how Disney could fuck them over any worse than they’ve done to themselves in the past.

The reason Marvel fans are worried about the merger is that Disney is (mostly) a producer of family-oriented materials, and they’re afraid the Mouse will tamper with their oh-so-adult comics, with ideas like The Punisher using rubber bullets or the gay characters in RUNAWAYS shuffled right back into the closet.

But I doubt it. As V pointed out, Disney is pretty business-savvy. They learned their lesson after they almost lost Pixar: now they let them do their own thing, and it works. As long as Marvel doesn’t publish anything TOO controversial, they’ll leave them alone.

As for animation? You might be happy to hear that John Lasseter (the guy who heads Pixar) had (reportedly) VERY excited talks with Marvel people. Marvel characters animated by Pixar? OH YEAH. After all, the Incredibles was a Fantastic Four rip-off, and actually better than either FF movie…

I wonder: will the next Kingdom Hearts feature Marvel heroes?

Note: very recently, Disney had licensed several of its characters -including Incredibles and Wall-E- to be published by another company, Boom studios. Why’d they do that if they were about to buy their own comics company?

HOnestly? Maybe being a little more family friendly would be good for the comics. Lord knows DC comics could use it. I will never get that image of Mr. Mxyzptlk vomiting as Superboy-Prime tortures him mercilessly out of my head.

With Warner owning DC and Disney owning Marvel…

How about a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Batman and Spiderman? :smiley: Batman can play the part of Eddie Valiant while Spiderman can be Roger and they can have wacky adventures in Toon Town.

I highly doubt KH will have anyone but genuine Disney film characters in them. They had plenty of Pixar opportunities but didn’t take any of them (not to mention afternoon cartoons like Darkwing Duck or Gargoyles).


Here’s a couple of interesting links:

First, one of the few, intelligent analysis of the merger and its possibilities I’ve seen so far: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=22774

And now, one where people just have fun redrawing Disney characters ala Marvel: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/artists-bless-the-disney-marvel-marriage.html

Funny stuff! :hahaha;

It would be very interesting…

This is what I think of this.

Anyway, the real problem isn’t that a “family friendly” corporation owns Marvel. It’s that Disney owns a LOT of entertainment (and non-entertainment) companies. They’re nearly as bad as Time Warner (who owns DC).

Whenever anyone describes Disney as a “family-friendly” company, I invite them to watch the first scene of the third Pirates of the Carribbean movie.

They show, quite fully, a hanging. Of an eight-year-old kid.

Cid: Hence the scare quotes.

That is so funny, because those are the exact words my boyfriend said last night when I told him that Disney bought Marvel.