I’m enjoying this. The story seems as odd as the characters, and the dialogue is fantastic. Flonne is going to be my favorite character. She reminds me of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. Gameplay is similar, but not as convoluted as La Pucelle, so it’s a lot easier to get into. I really dont mind fighting and managing my characters this time around. In LP it seemed like such a chore.

I rarely did any thing with any of the Recuted characters other than Give new weapons and armour when I got a more powerful one occanally. Yes, It is easier to pick up.

Please don’t associate Flonne with that pathetic excuse for an anime!

You think she’s cool now? She gets much better as the game progresses and you’ll especially like her if you ge the good ending.

Azumanga Diaoh >>> Your pitiful meaningless existance.

AD>>> Disgaea as well.

Yeah. I went there.

Make sure you get some decent spells for Flonne by having her sire mages and clerics. If you don’t, she rather sucks.

Before you get the Good Spells It’s Best to stick a bow on her.

Yeah she’s got a bow and is doing dandy with it.