Disgaea Trailer


It looks…alright

So… lemme get this straight. It’s just following the story of the original game? That looks like baal =\

I… dunno. The number one reason I think anyone has to play Disgaea is the character interaction and the amazing english voice actors. The story in itself was horribly mediocre.

Well, guess it’ll be fine as long as they keep Mid Boss intact.

EDIT: Holy shit I hadn’t seen that Disgaea 2 trailer. Awesome but… where are Laharl and Flonne ;_;?

Looks Good.

Prinnies, dood!

Amazing? Funny…

I’m waiting until I see the anime itself before I judge, but I’d think that anything with Mid-boss in it must have humor value. I wuv him.

As for the voice-acting, it was really good in my opinion. And I’m still giggling over the fact that Laharl is voiced by the woman who played Rita in Power Rangers.

It looks ok, but i dont think i would watch it.

it looks pretty cool ^^ now i am getting curious to watch it ^^;

Bout Disgaea 2 i ask the same where is Flonne chan ?!

The fansubbers are going to be on this like a tentacle monster on an underaged yet improbably-busty schoolgirl.

Looks awful and like cookie-cutter Saturday-morning kiddie crap. Hopefully the story and characters will save it.

Just like the characters saved the game.

Oh snap.

Personally… I’m hesitant. Disgaea was great on its own. And let’s not forget the steaming pile of crud that was the Xenosaga anime last year…

We’ll have to wait and see.

The trailer leaves me underwhelmed, to be honest.

it looks like Disgaea without the brutal leveling system to me.

Guess I should get around to playing the game.