Disgaea - some questions from a lvl 19

This is an awesome game. I just got it over labor day weekend and had my first 32 hour marathorn for the first time in several years. It was that good :slight_smile:

Currently I’m lvl 19 (Laharl) and have unlocked all the classes except EDS soldier/Angel/Divine Majin. Least I think I got all of them. So now I’ve got some questions and hope all you generous Disgaea gurus can help me out.

Its a little wordy but … help, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  1. XP - You know all that bonus xp we get from clening out the geo combo’s in item world? Well… who gets the bonus? Everyone in your grp? Or only Laharl or only those characters who are out on the map? I tend to send most of the group back into the starting hole as I’m setting up the geo map so they won’t take damage, especially since some maps are almost totally covered by geo.

  2. OK. I’m sure we all get a little crazy leveling items off at the start. I’ve leveled about 6 items (to level 10) so far. But here’s the thing, I’m only powerful enough to level the really weak items. Is this a waste of time item wise? I know I get tons of stuff and XP and HL while doing the item world but while I’m there I’ll find a really powerful item which is level 0 - basically the equavelent of my new lvl 10 item. SO… any advice on which kinds of items to level up and which not to?

  3. Jobs. It took some digging but I finally discovered that stat increases are based off the base starting values. So it does benefit you some to start a character in the a new job when they come available. But this is also terriblly time consuming to an already time consuming game. I was planning to only change the character at level 25 which is the 3rd job change and again at lvl 100 (if I ever get there). What do you think? Advice? Is there a reson I should change jobs the minute it becomes available?

  4. In item world, I fould that if you exit the world before the official exit, the item still levels! :slight_smile: So my question now is… is there a way to easily get more of those exit items? Right now it seems quite random to get one.

  5. This is more a clarification. There are some item levels which you can’t complete the geo patterns right? It has to be. I’ve seen some islands so far away that even my thief can throw far away enough and there were no warp effect.

  6. Finally, is there any any any reason to actually get the group up to even level 1000 let alone 9999? Is there even the lame excuse of a super boss that can only be defeated at ultra high levels? Right now I can see myself aiming to get an item to level 99 and completing the game’s main storyline but… level 9999? I doubt I can last till 1000 without a very strong reason. :eek:

The ones that survive the Geo planels Popping will get XP.

Ones full of Specalists after beating them you can get them to Move other items and Make one uber weapon.

I only did it if I needed a second character of that class. Expecpt for Prism/Galaxy Mages since I Use Extra Gain with Healers.

The Best way to get “Mr Gency’s Exit” is to do an exit level on the 10’s. If you do 10 levels in 1 go you get some “bonuses” that don’t occur when using"Mr Gency’s Exit".

Two Options, Get a Hi-level mage as close as possible and Blast it, OR Use a “Ranger”'s Geo panel’s options You should be might get a Warp Panel or have another round of Geo Panel "popping.

There are some monsters and “Heros” at over 1000 but they are in “Sidequest” areas.

I’ve Got a Question I’ve just Completed My frist cycle, Post Credits Etna and Flonne talk about how a certain Prinny Looks familiar I’ve heard rumors but Does the UK version have an Jap Audio Mode? If so how do I turn it on?

The resident Nippon Ichi fan is here to answer all your questions :hahaha; :

  1. All the experience from the bonus list is recieved by everone you have summoned. It’s a great way to level up weak characters because they actually don’t have to kill anything.

  2. I would not suggest leveling up low level items. It’s better to wait until you can get the best or a rare type of item to level up. I will suggest doing it from time to time anyway, just because of the bonus experience and items you get from the item world are pretty good. The stronger the item, the more difficult and longer, the item word. However, the stronger the item world, the better the bonus lists are.

  3. I would suggest not going nuts over jobs. The exception is for classes that have abilities that the story characters (Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Gordon, Jennifer, etc.) do not, such as a theif. I never bothered with monster classes at all. I would create one character for each class you want and Transmigrate that character to a higher class when it come available.

  4. You get Mr. Gency Exit quite frequently in long item worlds. However, I would not suggest you use them frequently unless you gained a lot before using them. The stat gains of the item you are levelling if you complete the item world in one trip and item will get a huge boost for its final level. In other words, dont’ exit unless you really have to, unless you got a ton of loot from the bonus lists that you really don’t want to lose.

  5. Yeah, some of the geo panel puzzles are just too hard or just to difficult to complete that I didn’t even bother. Some item world levels will give you an odd number of panel colors and crystals so it’s not even possible. I really only attempted to solve any geo panel puzzle if there was something in the bonus list that I really wanted.


You can easily complete the game with your characters at level 100 or even lower if I remember correctly.

However, there are sevel levels you can unlock by going the the assembly, that have really tough bosses. Let’s just say you’ll be crying if you meet Baal. Even I gave up when I couldn’t defeat him in his Prinny form.


I don’t know if the UK version has a Japanese soundtrack, but if it does like the U.S. version, there should be an option in the Option mode at the title screen and the in game “Options” menu to change it.

cool, thanks for the answers BigNutter and BahamutXero :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I foolishly created everyone under Laharal and using “Extra Gain” to get all my mages the Heal spell, but then deleted the clerics. So on the bright side Laharal can do everything and anything but… ah well.

Heh. Can’t wait to start item leveling again. Guess I wasted a lot of time leveling up useles items cos now I have 3-4 items I leveled already in my warehouse which I’ll probably never use again. Still it was fun.

Must try transmigration. Only Laharal has passed the promotion exam so far. Guess I should start cracking the whip on the others.

The Final Boss is L90. Highest chacter was L93. And the Lowest in that Level I bought out was L55.

If you Kill your own you loose the Best ending, I’m aiming for that now!

it’s definitely possible to get well over 1000. I have a few characters well above 1000, a few that came like that, and laharl, whom I leveled at cave of ordeal 3 with the stronger enemies thing.

If my memory serves right, my Laharl was about level 1600 when I beat Baal in his first form. I may be completely wrong, but I know transmigrated a number of times at these intervals: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600.

Update… I don’t have much time to play on weekdays with work, but I think I have a much better grasp of the game thanks to all your suggestions. I’m now doing item world runs to get the item specialists. Currently I can only handle up till rank 6-7 items but I prefer to do rank 5 items cos its so much faster. Rank 8 item generals are about lvl 23 and my highest (Laharal) is only lvl 20 right now. So naturally I got my ass handed to me.

I’m holding off doing the story runs till the weekends and it also gives me more chance to level up. I prefer to blow thru the storyline if I can and sweat during the item world. Right now I’m in Episode 4 (Molten Core) have not started any of it yet but I will soon.

Oh, I love this game. I have Laharl, Etna, and Flonne around level 6,000, and Priere and Marjoly near 7,000. I can beat Baal using only Laharl using the Yoshitsuna sword.

As to some tips on the game

-Always level-up your items. Even the weak ones you get at the beginning can go up a few levels, and the change is outstanding. Disgaea is one of the few games where you can gain a level or equip a new weapon, and really notice the difference in your powers.

-Clerics are okay, but only one or two healers is enough for your entire party. I usualy have only Flonne use magic, with Marjoly, of course. I just have her create the mages/clerics and learn the spells from them, thus opening several slots in your party for attackers.

-It is slightly less diverse, but you can beat the game using only the main characters, which is why there are eleven of them, so one will sit out, and it is obvious which one it will be. I even beat the game using only Laharl, Flonne, and Etna throughout the entire game.

Hmmm is Flonne really worth leveling up? I find her really weak at physical and magic wise she has almost no spells unless I mentor her. But that brings up another question, when you mentor a masgic caster you still need to have that pupil level up because only they will get the higher level spells right? Right now I have her equipepd with a Bow.

I have another question. The shop only sells armor and food! When will it start selling weapons? Right now the only way I get new weapons is by fighting in item world.

Sigh… 1/2 hour to do a rank 1-2 item or 2-3 hours for a rank 5-7 item. That’s my issue right now :slight_smile:

Oh and I just got a rank 3 item to level 20! My first!!! Was not impressed by the loot though :frowning:

Flonne is Powerful if you give her a Mage Pupil (You can get ). As long as the Offencive mages accutally gain Spells at certain levels, Only some Will gain the Top tier (Tetra?) of magic by leveling up, the rest have to learn it by Extra gain. Any Skill learned by a pupil, can be taught to a master by standing next to them. Any one can cast magic but magic is powered up and range extended if you gain Staff Lv, and you gain Patterns earlier too.

Talk to the “Archer” by the armor and consuemables selling “Male Warrior” for weapons.

I believe the colored mages (Red, Green, Blue, and Star) will earn their best spells (the Terra ones) around level 100 or 120, I don’t remember for sure. Make each one of these Mages with Flonne so she can wreck havoc on any enemy in the game depending on their elemental defenses.

NOTE: Sorry for the double post.

jaw drops

Where the hell did you find the time to level up like that! I thought I was the only “level hungry” person around here! :hahaha;

I tend to disagree with that. Yeah, you can level a weak item up to make it pretty strong, but it can only level up so high. When that limit is reached, stronger weapons in the game are better. They can be great in the early-to-mid game, just don’t think your ultimate weapon will be the weakest sword levelled up like crazy. That’s just not going to be as effective as a stronger levelled up and given a ton of item specialists.

Ahhhh I feel like such a dunce! Thanks BigNutter. I thought the 2 guys at the shop sold the same things. DOH!

Thanks for the Flonne tip. I currently have 4 mages, 3 of each element and 1 star. Sigh… would prefer not to make a new character just so she can get spells but… we’ll see how that goes. Maybe I’ll hold off till Prism to give and give that one to her :slight_smile:

Prism and the ultimate Galaxy Mage do not give the Terra Spells, so if you want an ultimate Mage with all the spells you have to keep Transmigrating to each Mage class until you get all the Terra spells, then finally transmigrate to the Galaxy Mage for the best stat boosts when levelling up.

I’m gonna wait till I level up a lot more before doing the master pupil thing for Flonne and the other people.

For example, I gave her a Star mage and just by doing 1 level on an item world level (rank 8) she leveled from level 1 to 8 without doing anything. So I figure if I get the main party up to about level 50 or so then start leveling it should work out fine. After all I already have 4 main mages, 2 of which I’m kinda attached to. Ahh well this will all only matter if I ever get Majins anyway. I figure beating the main game is pretty simple compared to the side quests :slight_smile:

PS. Update… I’m level 25 now just by doing 3 item worlds. :slight_smile:

The end of level Bonuses and joining in on Killing Combo Moves are the way that she level up, I think.

Majin’s appear only If you have leveled some MALE human type to 200 each. Angel are Get at able by getting Galaxy mage, and all of the Female Classes. Both Majin and Angel’s have powerful base stats.

Item world: Rare and Legand are Very “Deep” I think it’s 100 Levels for Rares and 255 for Lengends.

Galaxy Mage? Truly? All the faq’s mention a level 100 female mage. I hope that’s true cos I don’t know if I can last all the way to level a Galaxy Mage.

I’m committed to getting Angels but still undecided about Majins. :slight_smile:

My goal this weekend is to meet an Item King. Heh heh heh I don’t think I can fight an Item God yet. Right now I’m collecting all the Statistions and Armsmasters I can get my hands on, leveling the items to try and get that max 300 Statistions and 1900 Armsmaster bonuses.

When you get a Galaxy mage, you;ll place Good weapons on her, you probebly spend more time replenish SP with her since she’ll be Leveling up very quicky…

If you beat an certain Person in an item; you’ll be forced to watch a bad ending.