Disgaea reprint? How does D2 fare?

I was happily pleased to see sealed copies of Disgaea yesterday (picked up a copy myself), and even more pleased to the fact it was only 30$.

I was wondering how Disgaea 2 fares. So far I am in love with the first one, especially the comical gags every now and then; and the battle system is great too.

Ya I saw it on Amazon.com for $39.99; just a few weeks ago EBgames had it used for $70!!!

I’ll pick it up if I see it around while I’m Xmas shopping. I figure used copies were going for so much for a reason :runaway:

If you mean sales, no idea. If you mean how good the game is, then it’s more of the same in some areas (which is just fine for me) and an improvement on others.

It still has the abyssmal flaws of all Nippon Ichi games when it comes to insane leveling and void strategic possibilities, but most of the battle-related issues got some minor tweaks:

[li]Healers now gain experience from healing and there are Reverse Damage Geo Panels that actually allow them to attack. In fact, at one point and for a small while, they are the easier class to level.
[/li][li]The Rune Knight (Previously just “Knight”) got tweaked into an actually useful class.
[/li][li]The Ultimate Warrior (Previously “Majin”) is now unlockable by finishing the game once and passing a bill through Dark Court. MUCH easier than before.
[/li][li]Some useless classes (Male Healer) were removed for… more useless classes.
[/li][li]The Gunners (the dudes proficient in guns) are now unlockable without fucking insane requirements. Then again, you already have Rozalin, so there’s not much point.
[/li][li]Various improvements to the Item World.
[/li][li]A lot of “new” areas and subquests.

However, a warning: The original crew is insanely irrelevant in the sequel. It’s a new story and even Etna, who got even more publicity than Adell, is a hugely secondary character that joins way too fucking late. And her theme sucks.

It’s not a bad thing though. The new cast is just as good as the last and the voice acting is perfect. Once again, the story is nothing epic, but it’s nice enough and there are even a few unexpected twists around the end.

Overall, if you liked the first, you’ll like the second just as long as you aren’t too hung on Laharl/Flonne/Etna.

Is disgaea 2 rare now? It came out in August if I’m not mistaken. I haven’t seen any copies lately.

Well, I guess I missed my window of opportunity to pawn off Disgaea <_<

Where do you shop?

Oh I don’t think it’s necessary to give out an address. I’m sure any store would have them. They reprinted yesterday. :S