Disgaea Re-Release

Atlus has just announced that they are Re-Releasing Disgaea to the North American public on May 25th. So if you couldn’t get to buy a copy of the game due to the limited availability, you have a second chance to do so.

Also, they announced that the publishers of their official strategy guide has made available a FREE downloadable PDF version of the guide, which includes everything that was in the original. Go here to obtain it:


Note that you must register at their site to download it, and treat the file as if it were something you’d check out. There’s no charge, and once you’ve done that, check out your account and ‘Past Orders’ and there you’ll get a link to download the file.

One other bit of news, Atlus has announced that those who send in their Disgaea Registration cards, cardboard survey thingy in the Manuel, will recieve a free mini art-book. The cards must be sent AFTER May 25th. They didn’t specify if this was only available to those who purchase the re-release, or if it is open to everyone who bought a copy. I’m sending mine in after May 25th regardless.

Awesome, now I can get my copy. The mini-art book sounds cool too.

W00tage! I already have the game (but unfortunately couldn’t get the guide at the time), but this is still great news. This game has become one of my favorates, and now legions more of hungry RPGers will be able to sink their teeth into a soon-to-be classic. :yipee:

Now I just need a PS2.

It’s a very good thing of their part this game is awesome,and i can now finally get the strategy guide for free :yipee: .

How much will the game be? Also, would it be a good choice for someone who never really has played a strategy RPG like myself?

I’d estimate about 40. That’s what I got a new copy for.

And I don’t see why it wouldn’t make a bad first SRPG…it gives a nice tutorial in the beggining. If you’d like to try another, simpler SRPG first, try emulating one of the Shinning Forces for the Genesis.

Oh, great. I might get it since I completely missed it when it first came out. The art for that game looks beautiful too. Another RPG to add to the bunch I still need to finish. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, the only other SRPG I had played and finished before was Shining Force II, I just couldn’t get into any other one. But Disgaea hooked me in immediately. It is worth trying, absolutely.

I must say I’m the one responsible for GG getting hooked on Disgaea. The games is really fun, addictive, and funny. I highly recommend it to all of you. I bought the paper guide when it came out and compared it to the PDF downloaded guide. The PDF has quite a few additions including so handy charts that the orginal guide didn’t have, so I hight recommend that as well, considering it’s FREE!

Any word on how to get me to level 9999 in a few hours yet : ) ? …I stopped levelling around 800 or something.

Heh, i just bought a used copy of it, and love it. Im 20 hours in and it still feels like am at the begining with all of these people at levels in the 5 and 6 hundreds. Exactly how long does it take to beat this game?

Well if your planning in getting everything,I mean absolutly everything then preapare to spend more than a 100 hours.Finishing the story i say about 30-40 hours maybe.

Heh…I’ve clocked over a hundred hours, and I STILL havn’t done anything. Not since Chrono Trigger has a game with so much replay value existed.

I’m over 60 hours and have only completed Prinne Land and have of the cave of ordeal,and that’s just a little bit I still have to get all of the endings,beat the other secret places and bosses,and level up insanely.

And I’m with you GG no other game i have played has so much replay value.

I won’t stop playing until I have Baal’s head. His 3 million HP head will be mine!!!

That is if I ever decide to stop leveling and finish the first chapter…but I digress.

WHAT! 3 million ::dekar!:: Thats insane thats the second monster i have seen with such an insane amount of HP.The first one being Iseria Queen from Valkarie Profile with 2 millon.