Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Any Tips, hints or guides are welcome.

But first, where do i get Testaments quick? I need at least 7.

anyone knows a place to boost my stats into the higher hundred-thousands?

hmmmm, so you are looking for testaments huh?
well, the inly place i know where to get them from would be after you read Etna’s diary, or maybe you could steal one from the god prinny in Prinny Land three, but you’d need to raise a thief class unit.
it’s all i got.

i also got one from the hospital

Yeah, if you got the one from the hospital and the one from Etna’s diary, your best bet is to steal from the Prinny God. It’s a lot easier once your level gets high. EVen moreso if you equipped your thief with a Gun and a good pair of glasses.

thanks, anyone leveled up the yoshitsuna yet? is it even possible? what do you think is the best class?

Maybe, just maybe, if you had a choice pf the best class, i would have to say prinnies. i mean, they’re like, sooooo prinny dude.
But those serpent thingummies look cool too, but no body can face Laharl and win!
Hey, anybody got the good ending? in my ending Laharl kicked the bucket but came back as a prinny.

well i doing my best to get the Divine Majin class, helluva thats a fucking task!

In order to get the “Good” ending, you have to beat the game without ever killing any of your teammates, accidentily or otherwise. I don’t think throwing Prinnies counts, though.

I’ve gotten another testament by getting a level 9 bonus in the Item World. It’s not a fullproof plan but they do apear once in awhile.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say those come around too often.

I’m on the level grind now. I’ve got Laharl at 115 and I’m not looking forward to it. >_<

How hard is the testament item world?
and are there any better items apart from the ol’ testi. (ahem)