Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Ok, i only seem to have the problem with the assembly, if anyone has any hints on good items which to take in and those not to then it would help, i have real difficulty with it sometimes and right now i would stand no chance fighting against the assembly.

The items the senators like seems to be random. BUT the easiest way to beat them if you want to pass something they fail, is to MAKE SURE at least one of the highest leveled senators is on your side, that way you can throw weaker ones onto them, then throw that senator onto all the other ones. Also, never, ever, EVER attack a senator on your side. Kinda pisses them off.

Later in the game, that’s not worth it. It’s much quicker just to kill them all. After levelling in the Item World or CoO3, it shouldn’t be a problem to win by force all the time.

Really, neither way is all that good of an idea unless you’re after one of the bad endings. I think 100 persuade by force is one of the requirements.

The items senators like are based on affinity with the rarity number of your items. Basically, if a senator really likes your item, buy a lot of items that have that rarity number.

The rarer != better.

So buy a ton of shit, go in there and just bribe all the highly levelled senators until they’re on your side. If you haven’t bribed before, you might want to avoid calling the vote and keep on coming back with 200 dollar items and bribing the entirity of the high level senators.

Of course, at some point, kicking their ass is easier than bribing. Usually bribe your way to open Cave of Trials, then destroy’em after a bunch of CoT 3’s.