Disgaea dub

So, Disgaea got released the other day here in Europe, by Koei. Koei, however, made the completely AWESOME decision of removing the Japanese voices, thus forcing us poor Europeans to listen to the English dub. I haven’t heard it yet, but English dubs are, as a rule, completely fucking awful. So I was wondering how it is? I want to pick up a PS2 in a few weeks, with preferably Disgaea, but if the dub is awful I’ll just have to mod it to play NTSC games (somehow… I hope there’s a solution that doesn’t require me to solder) and import it from the US of A.

So yeah, uh, infoplz.

Disgaea was released over here? Awesomeness. :smiley:

Yeah, I saw it in the store today when I went in with a job application. They’re completely full on employees, though :frowning:

It was dubbed in america too, and as far as im concerned they did a very very good job with all of the voice acting.

As far as I know, the American version allowed you to choose between English and Japanese.

hmmm, well i’ll be damned. Anyway, the voice of Laharl was done by the guy or girl who did Naota in FLCL. Everything fits well with each charater’s personality, so i don’t think it will ruin the game for you.

I doubt it will ruin the game for me anyway, I’m used to playing games without voice acting. It’s just that 9 times out of 10 that I listen to a dub I get this strange urge to stab myself repeatedly with a rusty clotheshanger, so I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Ah well, i think you’ll be suprized at how good it is, and if you hate it, well, then you’ll be to distracted with the addicting gameplay to care.

Be glad it wasn’t KOEI who did the dub.

remembers Samurai Warriors dub and shudders

Dynasty Warriors 3 had the worst dub i’ve ever heard.

“feel the wrath of my mmmmmmaaaagggiiccccc!!”

giggle Maybe we should see other people.”

Kunoichi is the most annoying character ever.

Nothing is as bad as the Fist of the North Star dub. Nothing.

Let us not forget the jerk-pause dialogue opening FMV of the final Wu battle. :\

Although I must find a .wav of the one you said. :smiley:

It wasn’t bad … you just may wince every time Flonne opens her mouth. Fortunately, you also have the option to turn the voice effects all the way down independent of the sound effects and music. (Seriously, though, I wish the JPN voice setting in the American version changed the random battle comments like “Get ready!” as they cast spells to the Japanese ones, too.)


Honestly, I think the english voice dubs were pretty good, all things considered. I always kept the English dubs on.

And this may be just me, but Gordon’s diologue is twice as funny when you’re hearing him speak. :hahaha;

Yeah, really … especially the part when he’s prancing through the field and going “La lala lala lala …”

Flonne’s very never bothered me, but sometimes Laharl got a bit high pitch. Etna’s voice is very well done though. All in all, I liked the English dub.

Well, alright then. I guess I can just suck it up. I’m still interested in making a PAL PS2 play NTSC games though, for Xenosaga. So… yeah.

Didn’t they also release it on CD?

The english dub is 10000% funnier than japanese voices. The actors were wellpicked, the dialogue is hilarious and it does not in any way ruin the experience.