Discworld MUD!

I almost had a heart attack out of happiness when found it.


I am creating my char right now :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but what exactly is Discworld? If you could give me a brief breakdown it would be great, thanks.

'Tis a series of books. In my oppinion, the best comic fantasy series out there.

This interests me, though I’ve never used a MUD before. Can someone give me a rundown of how they work?

They’re basically Text-only MMORPGs, or multiplayer text-based adventures. Pretty much the same thing. =P

A lot of the command-line commands from MMORPGs are taken from Muds. However, because everything is text based, you interact with the world through short sentance fragments or abbreviations only. For example, “look bag” would give you a description of a bag if one’s in the area, “open bag” would open said bag, and “look in bag” would list the contents of the bag.

One of the most common commands in a Mud is “help,” it should give you a listing of how to get around in the world. Also, most Muds have a “newbie area” that helps first timers get accustomed to playing in a Mud.

Other than that, you’ll probably want to get a Mud client instead of using telnet. Telnet isn’t really meant for games, and there are much better alternatives out there. Just go to google and type in “Mud clients.”

I can’t actually see what I’m typing in for some reason. Any help?

Mume is also nice.

Or try Gmud or Zmud.

Oh, hell, YEAH!

I haven’t really been interested in playing any MUDs since the sort of comical incident with the cute-/dust- bunnies…
But this is just too good to avoid playing…
I mean, it’s Discworld! XD

Alright. I’ve created (or named) a character, and I’m in Ankh-Morpork with some such junk. I think I need to set my stats and join a guild or something but I don’t know how >.<

Also, anyone know if warbread is usable?

I’m gonna try this. it looks awesome.

EDIT: Okay. I have a client, but whenever I try to connect to the link it gives me on port 4242 it always fails. Whassap with that?

You could try linking to the actual Discworld MUD website.


Got it working. Seems okay. I’ll have to actually learn how to use it though. :smiley:

Er… yeah, I read a book now, and I fell asleep because it was boring, or something. So I’ve been asleep for some time now, dreaming about sheep. >.<

I tried this a few months ago, got total confused and went round in circles for an hour before giving up.