Dirge of Cerebrus: Final Fantasy 7


Now, am I the only one who is ALREADY thinking “Crap, they’re gonna ruin the story even more?” Maybe I’m just conservative and skeptical on the subject of direct sequels, but I’ve almost never seen it pulled off well. FFX-2 really just RUINED FFX’s story. Thankfully, the game was incredibly fun to play.

Now, I thought Advent Children was bad enough, but they’re now making another game, as in, a SECOND ADDITION to the story, that “promises” that “the story will solve the final mysteries of FF7’s world.” Why, praytell, couldn’t they just do this years ago? This is gonna be 8 years later. 8, freaking, years. Hell, it’ll probly be closer to 9 years for North America. I just think that’s stupid. Why did they have to wait 9 years if it was all that important?

I think the coolest thing about FF7’s ending is just that; you DON’T know what happened, exactly. You’re left not knowing much at all of what happened, and that’s AWESOME. I think that this kinda stuff takes the mystery away, and really kills it.

That’s all just my opinion, though, and I made this thread to welcome other ones for discussion and debate. What do you think of this newly announced game?

Looks like an action game. They’re turning the eternal more and more into a gunslinger.

Of course, you know they’re only doing this BECAUSE of the success of FFX-2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I think that this will completely kill the game. I agree with SG, one of my favorite things was that you could make up your own ideas about what happened after the ending.

People kept bitching that they wanted more of FF7, and now they’re getting it. Hopefully it (and the movie) will suck and people will shut up and start bitching about something else.

Although an even BETTER situation would be that it and the movie will be great, but I have a hunch that they’ll both be pretty terrible.

Although all this FF7 stuff is still better than remaking Romancing SaGa in 3D, but I digress…

I guess if it turns out good, I won’t mind these new FF7 things (of course, I’ll still have to finish the original before I ever bother with them, and who knows how long THAT’LL be :P). However, I think it’d be better if S-E focused their efforts on something else, like, say, remaking FF3. And releasing it outside Japan. >O

Or a Valkyrie Profile 2. :D~~~~

Oh my fucking god, let the poor dog die for christs sake. Square PLEASE do not turn into Nintendo where all you can do is rehash the same game into a multitude of OTHER games! Whats next? They’ll release another set of those shitty “Yuna Guns” so you can gunsling like vincent?

God damn.

On a side note- The game I personally would like them to re-visit would be Vagrant Story.

now THATS a great idea, someone should go and tell Square…

cause VS is a damn cool game.

There are already 2-3 years between each NEW Final Fantasy… They need something to hold us over. Hence the remakes and sequels.

I know I know, its just that the seem to only give the love to one series. From a monetary standpoint its just fine and dandy - “Please the masses, we get the bling bling.”

Good for them.

But from the standpoint of someone who thinks of 7 as “A good game, really good even, but thats it. It’s not GOD incarnate and in need of 5 spin offs” its getting a little old. I’m affraid that they will run FF7 into the ground, thus ruining it. Like alot of the fan boys and girls did when it came out.

is still waiting for an Einhander sequel

That would require them to give love to games that were GOOD, but didnt get much of a fan base. That is a rare thing that usually doesnt happen with [STRIKE]money grubbing whores[/STRIKE] game producers.

Wow, SG, we have totally the opposite opinions (regarding FFX2). I think it wrapped up the loose endings of FFX well enough, but I HATED many of its playing elements (shooting games? Coin-based games? 101 level dungeons? Story completion points?? AARRGGHH.)

As for a sequel to FF7, is THAT official, or just a rumor? I wouldn’t mind it, IF it is well written. I’ll wait until I see it before I make my final judgement.

I think FFX-2’s plot would have made a better bad-fanfiction than game.
[li] New, stereotyped, WMD threat faces world
[/li][li] New characters blatently DESIGNED to be shippable with protagonists.
[/li][li] Makeovers of female characters.
[/li][li] ANGST
[/li][li] Personalities of said leads boiled down to a single purpose.
Those are the main points. I’m sure there are more. At least, I know I’m not going to bother getting 100% in it, unlike SotN or DKC.

Romancing Saga - Pity It’s not 3. Cos I would love to do some Photoshopping. 3D Merlin Gets Plonked. heee hee.

Big Nutter
Funny Money for Flogging a dead horse…

Ooooh~ A FF7 spin-off… This is gonna be cool! :ah-ha!:

I liked being left in the loop, why the fuck does Square Enix have to milk FF7 for the power of the almighty dollar? Now if Square Enix does a Valkyrie Profile spinoff, I will gain back the respect I just lost for them. Lenneth = uber hotness!!!
(I was kidding about the last part about losing respect for Square Enix, I’m really just disappointed in them.)

People seemed to get along fine for the first nine FF games without sequels or remakes to distract them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooh SNAP! Point goes to OFX. Hes right you know. THe larger the fan base is though, the more room there are for fanboys/girls and idiots that promote endless sequels and whatnot.