Dirge of Cerberus: FF7

Just got my grubby mitts on a copy of this game and am a couple of hours in. Style-wise, it’s FF7AC without all the totally ridiculously over-the-top fights, which is a very good thing. Here (at least so far) it’s mainly gun battles, though you do have a melee attack as well. You have three types of guns (a handgun, a machinegun, and a rifle) all with different abilities; there’s also a scope which lets you go into sniper rifle mode, like MGS games, which is neat. You can also use magic by equipping materia on your gun. You have very limited item capacity, so using them judiciously is really important. Speaking of which, items include a “Limit Breaker”, which lets you turn into the Galian Beast and start smashing things. :sunglasses:

This is definitely not an RPG. It’s a third-person shooter that apparently plays like an FPS and has a couple of half-hearted RPG elements thrown in. I was a little overwhelmed at the number of actions that the controls cover, but after the tutorial and a bit of real fighting, I actually got the hang of it. That’s pretty good for someone who hasn’t played an FPS in about eight years. It’s challenging without being too annoying.

I was quite gratified to see that this game implements practically every single recommendation I made in my recent editorial. You can start the game almost instantly after turning on the PS2. You can pause at any time (not sure about FMV sequences though), skip scenes, extensively customize the controls, and (YAY!) there’s a tempsave feature which lets you save whenever you want. What’s more, there’s an autosave which allows you to start at almost any point in the entire game up to where you reached. This is an awesome idea; the downside is that it uses an incredible amount of memory card space (over 600K!).

Graphically it’s really astounding - crisp and detailed, along with FF7AC-caliber movie sequences. It’s a dark and serious game (as might be expected with a main character being a sort of vampire/Frankenstein cross). Music keeps the mood well but isn’t particularly memorable.

The story is also really interesting and a bit reminiscent of FF7AC as well to a certain extent (though with very different players). I’ve already seen re-enactments of a couple of key FF7 scenes in the new graphics, which were awesome. Voice work is superb so far. I’m having a blast. The only downside seems to be that it’s quite a short game, so I hear. I guess I’ll give more info as I go.

I had been meaning to try this one, but few things boil my blood like a good game that’s too short. I do hope this game isn’t, it looks very cool.

Thanks for the info, Cid. Keep us posted.

I’m enourmously frustrated that, after all these years, they finally give us a FF7 spin-off game, with modern graphics and starring one of my favorite FF7 characters- and it’s a SHOOTING game, which I hate. :ark: Ah well, hopefully I’ll find it for rent, then decide if it’s worth buying. If it’s interesting enough, I can always get the kids who beat the Kilika Island shooting sequences (in FFX2) for me to help me again. :hahaha;

Btw, Cid, that was a great editorial, and I agree with everything you said, especially the part about saving. I just don’t see why Saving Points are still needed in today’s games.

Wilfredo, it’s nowhere near as bad as FFX-2. It’s essentially first-person, meaning you have a lot more control over where you’re aiming, but it’s actually third-person, meaning you can still actually see where you’re going. The difficulty is specifically aimed at us folks who have no FPS experience.

If its out across the sea now, it won’t be log till it gets here!! I can’t wait :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: my fav game, with my fav films graphics and stuff, and my fav characters are in it!! This is on my Chrimbo list defo :smiley: :smiley:

Oh boy, this means the Fall 06 game zerg rush started already? This is gonna do wonders to my grades :stuck_out_tongue:

I despised AC, and I think Vincent was the most overrated character in the franchise (FFVII or otherwise). You’re the only person I’ve heard, both critcally, and people I know that have had anything positive to say about it.

I’ll pass.

If you’re not enough of a fanboy to have enjoyed FF7AC even a little, then yes, chances are you won’t necessarily like this game.

Tatara ta ta ta ta tata victory fanfare

I played the first chapter. It’s actually quite a bit of fun.

OMG! I forgot all about this game:eek: Just as soon as I clicked on this thread my friend(from Sweden) just started to burst out in excitement that the game was released, and he pre-orderd it. Well right now I feel kind of stupid not knowing it was out and all my friends are like OMFG!! Before this game came out I’ve been looking at picks and reading some info on the AC.net site and now, I checked back and the game looks FREAKING SWEET!!! too me it is now on my top 10 list.

I dunno if this should be spoiled or not but, guess who plays the character Genesis? Gackt hurf.

(for those that don’t know, he’s a japanese pop star that everyone around here seems to hate)

Thanks Cid for the review. I am in. Nice story and cool FMVs – that’s all I need.
And speaking of cool FMVs:

Yeah, I am kind of a “Back Button Retard” so, this is me coming back to edit the first copy of the message I posted below, I apologize.

I agree, this is a sugar coated bit of tripe, but filled with enough FF eye candy, that, I admit owning it, LOL. FPS is regrettable, but still has fun moments, I have not yet found anything “secret” but, I anticpate doing so.

Just to confirm, the game is indeed extremely short: I finished it in under 13 hours. There are a whole bunch of extra missions to do, but they’re WAY harder than the game itself - at least under Normal mode; apparently all the missions are in Hard mode, which sucks for non-FPSers like me. >_< It was pretty neat, but to be honest, it’d be nicer if you could just watch all the movies (probably half of the play-time is movies). The gameplay itself got on my nerves after a while, and the story, while very promising at the beginning, really sagged in the last few hours. Ah well… maybe I’ll sell it to EBX or something, but I doubt it; I’d probably want to have it around just in case. ^^;

Which means I’ll be waiting for this one to hit the bargain bins! Thank you, Cid.

I’ve been debating over weither or not to get this game. Thanks to what Cid has reported i’m sold. Thanks Cid. :slight_smile:

I bought the game opening day and was pretty happy with it. The only real problem with it is the shortness, but there are some secret things to do in the game; memory capsules, secondary versions of the main weapons (in the process of getting the ultimate weapon) and the secret ending.

I also got to work on the side missions cause their are memory capsules in those that unlock char. profiles and videos and stuff in the extras menu.

I would have gone more in-depth for the secret stuff, but then Xenosaga Episode III came out. 8p And in any case, I tried starting off doing the secret missions, but they were way way WAY harder than the rest of the game and I continually got pounded. 8-(