directors fail at being orignal...again

This time its the hills have eyes. there obviously getting really desparate.

I think I’ll pass on that.

We’re less than two months from the release of the Silent Hill movie. I could honestly care less about ANY other horror movie.

What makes them desperate?

I believe he’s referring to the barrage of remakes lately.

Ditto. tries to be patient @_@

Eee, scary!

It’d be more aptly called “The Origin of Morlocks” or “So You’ve Been Captured by Sand People”.

Were they ever?

Of course they were, Nulani. Classic directors such as Hitchcock or Bergman were highly creative as are some modern directors such as Spielberg or Lucas (mainly his earlier years).

Yeah, 984, but don’t let a few good apples ruin a whole perfectly bad crop.

I’d say Terry Gilliam and David Lynch are pretty creative too.

Agreed. I mean, just because John Carpenter made The Thing doesn’t let me believe for a SECOND that any of his other movies are worth ten seconds of my time!

I like unoriginal horror movies though, especially if they have nudity. :\

They’re not desperate so much as they are lazy. If you can make a profit by ripping off older horror movies, except adding more violence and gore and special effects, why not do so? Its easier than coming up with something new.

Hey, at least horror producers are coming back to ripping off good 'ol American horror flicks, right?

Hitchcock wasn’t human.

How do you know this? What was he?

Hitchcock was a night elf

That doesn’t make him not a director, or original.