Everytime I’m in a relationship, I hate being tied down. For some odd reason everytime I get together with someone I get like 4 or so girls that are all like “wow, you’ve got a girlfriend now? Damn, that shatters my dreams” or something. Like, suddenly, now that I’ve got a girlfriend I’m a hot commodity. But when the girlfriends gone they are too.

Should I just lie to people all the time and tell them I have this girlfriend that doesn’t exist and “cheat” on her all the time with other girls? Sounds good to me.

For those that don’t realize, this is a joke. True story, but a joke nontheless

I guess so… it don’t hurt nobody and it’s a win-win situation =) but that’s kinda odd,don’t you think?
" hey I have a girl already, but hey who cares, fuck her, I think your hot" :thud:

Rad idea Sorcerer :stuck_out_tongue: Now go fuck the bitches :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, if you’re just interested in sex and not a relationship then SURE. :stuck_out_tongue:

S’just Murphy’s Law screwing you like it does everyone else.

Just act like I do, seriously, I’m like girl repelent

People want what they can’t have.

Ain’t that the truth. Every girl I’ve clicked with already has a boyfriend. And ‘clicked’ is not a euphemism.

The problem is that Girls these days lack of initiative… it’s always to the guys to show interest first… So when a guy gets a girlfriend all the other girls that where maybe a little interested by him, see him as a “sexualised” individual… and then they actually think he’s great and that they missed out on a good guy, just because another lady sticks up to him…

it’s true… I’ve been going out with my girlfriend for a month and a half now and all the other girls I know are actuality hittin’ on me all the frickin’ time…

I’m that good, heh…

Whoa, it’s Kentar…

Yes my son, I’m back… I don’t know for how long, but I am, for now… hehehe

Human nature in a nutshell. I say nail em all and let God decide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As much fun as it would be to bang the human race, you tend to get nasty diseases from that.

Wear a condom :smiley: Or two :D:D

It’s safer for the females to hit on the taken males, because the risk of rejection isn’t present. They’re already taken, so whether a relationship could happen isn’t of consequence. If they say no, it’s a lot easier to pass it off as a joke. That’s my guess, anyway.

In other news… did you pork her?

… and/or a bit too far out to my town.

Big Nutter
I don’t drive and therefore can’t go too far.

Girlfriends are weird…scratch that, LIFE is weird.