Digital Cameras

I want to get myself a digital camera, but I don’t know anything about them.

Could someone give me some advice as to what I should look for? Thanks.

My computer is very old and very glitchy if that makes a difference.

It all depends on what you’re planning to photograph and what you expect of the result and since you’re not saying there’s not really anything specific that can be reccomended so I’m just going to say: listen to these people, they know what they’re talking about and they know even more about cameras.

> High Megapixel count
> High optical zoom
> Automatic controls that dont rely on the camera’s OS
> Make sure it doesn’t use MemoryStick, Sony’s ultra-expensive media format
> You dont want embedded memory

I’ve got a Panasonic (matsushita, english names are for noobs) LUMIX DMC-FZ5K. Its nice.

The megapixel count of the camera will determine how high quality your prints will be. The higher, the better. Remember though that higher megapixel pictures take up more memory, thus needing a larger memory card.

Second, your zoom. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!! EVER let the salesman talk you into thinking that digital zoom is ever useful. You touch your digital zoom, I find you and beat the living crap out of you. You want a camera with Optical zoom. Standard is 3x, but you can get it up to 10x before getting too expensive. Zoom is, well, zoom.

Third, your memory card is very important. If you can get one with a Compact Flash memory slot, get it. Sure, they’re bigger, but the cards are much cheaper. Stay away from Memory Sticks as they are the most expensive formats.

Brand is another huge thing. Canon, Kodak, Fuji, Minolta, and any other brands that actually make film cameras are the only ones you should buy. You touch something that makes digital cameras to have their foot in the digicam business and I find you and beat you up bad.

Finally, DO NOT go for one of those packages with the home printer. The cost of printer paper, ink, etc., you have to print a HELL of a lot to save money over getting your prints developped at a professional photo lab.

The hell? Brand? You know every camera (and every piece technology period) is made by a generic OEM and then rebranded? Even if they were made by companies, it wouldn’t matter, because only a few companies have the facilities to produce CMOS and CCD sensors for the cameras, so everyone uses the same chips.

The only possible exception is the Nikon, Hasselblad, Conica, and Panasonic ultra-high ends, and thats only because they are manual cameras that happen to save to digital media.