Didn't see this coming


And I’m already bloody tired of hearing about it.

Huh, well, in my opinion his sexuality in this whole matter should mean absolutely nothing. Instead, the only thing that SHOULD matter, is that he commited adultry… However, there’s a ton of fucking biggots out there that will come down on him for his sexual preference and will try to make his life a living hell. I support him in his willingness to come out, however I certainly wouldn’t condone Adultry, no matter whom it’s with.

Yeah, like he said in his statement. It opens the place up to too many rumors.

Yeah, I heard about that. A little surprising.

Facking weakling if he quits over his sexuality.

He’s not quitting JUST because of his sexuality, he also had an affair. And he knows that if he stays in office his life will be made miserable by a variety of different people.

He expressed anti-gay marriage opinions and came off as a conservative. If he had chose to stay, not only would his suporters… um, not support him? but he’d also be dealing with the adultry part… which is the real problem.

I wonder how his first marriage ended?

I find that very sexy…nah just kidding!! actually I have no comments with this guy and his homosexuality. kudos to him. dont really care

He quit because he had an affair, not because it was a homosexual affair. I agree with him, it would open up too much trouble for the administration - just look at Clinton.