didn't know where to put this... FFXII OST :D

I got my copy of the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack ^^ … Square is really an amazing company, the packaging the OST comes in is simply beautiful… I had to share it with you guys :smiley:

Click it out (might be long to load sorry :S):

Oh! … and the soundtrack is amazing! 10/10 on famitsu :smiley:

Where did you order it from ?

Seems Sakimoto & Co. really outdid themselves here.

i want it…

holy shit that’s fucking beautiful

I ordered the soundtrack from here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/index.html … but don’t expect to get the same edition since it was first press only :S

Looks sexy.

I second Setz. I have a friend who’s also listened to it, though, and doesn’t think it sounds as sexy. Of course, his problem seems to be that it’s “synthesized” like the game music, instead of by orchestra. I dunno what he’s talking about, since all the games use synthesized music.

Not entirely true, FFX and FFX-2 both had piano in them. >_>

He didn’t mean that all the games used nothing but synth music, but for the most part, yes…damn near all music in the final fantasy series is entirely synth.

So while on the FFXII topic, anybody eager to get their hands on the game?

SG, I’ve only noticed that pretty much FF1-6 emphasize synth, whilst I can barely notice it in the disc FF games.

For some reason, I noticed it more with FF7 than FF8+, but yeah. Also, piano seems easy to synthesize to my ear.

I’m really looking forward to 12. Sakimoto is also one of my fav VGM artists.

Yeah it looks awesome, now how about the sound? Have you had a chance to listen to it yet?

I listened to a remake of the Gilgamesh track , which was good, but unfortunately audibly synthy. The thing that sucks is that a game as huge as FFXII will require a lot more ressources to make symphonic than DQ8. However, DQ8 has set a precedent for Square to use orchestrated tracks in its high profile games, imo, so while good, its a little disapointing considering what Square has available to make games.