Did you know...

…that vaginal lubrication is actually mucus? Like snot?

[Mister Jigmar, we try not to get that graphic about stuff here. It’s silly, I know, but the general consensus here is that people don’t like to hear about stuff like THAT. No worries, just don’t SCREW IT UP AGAIN. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks. -SG]

Just thought everybody’d like to know that.

Mods, please lock this thread as quickly as possible.

You can’t suppress the truth

I don’t deny facts. This thread is just totally innappropriate.


Lame, I know, but I couldn’t resist using that line.

… Strong Bad, I’ll let you handle this one.

I don’t think it should be locked! I think it should be … DELETED! [BZZT]

And you only discovered it at 23? Wow, Martin, you’re really late on such stuff.

Not really, I just wanted to start a thread about snot, and didn’t think it would fly at AO. Plus, I couldn’t start it at EoFF, because I ripped it off from someone from there, and I’d have been caught.

Martin…you are sick. Honestly, did you really think that anyone here would be interested in that disgusting detail of information? You are sorely wrong! SOMEONE LOCK THIS THREAD!!!

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> That 46 percent of the world’s water is in the Pacific Ocean? The Atlantic has 23.9 percent; the Indian, 20.3; the Arctic, 3.7 percent.

that most people don’t care, MJ? That’s really not something that has to be shared so prominently.

Yeah I knew, my friends and I call it bellcheese.
And yes this IS a stupid thread.

Hmm, seems like something I won’t be interested in or something that will take any effect in my life or something I want to know…


Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
Yeah I knew, my friends and I call it bellcheese.
And yes this IS a stupid thread.


And glad to see another person has joined the this-thread-is-so-gross-and-unecessary-it-should-be-locked club!

General knowledge like that will get you far in life.

General knowledge like that will get you punched in the face.

Wow, the word is out!


If I was a mod, I would keep this running for amusement.

Well this is basically what they get since they closed the ToB…

cough MISTAKE cough

Damn, I loved that forum. It was my hoome.