Did WhiteWinged Angel die..again?

Did it? Because I can’t reconnect after getting disconnected. And Im connected to the internet…

It’s down for a couple days, go to studio64.yi.org for now.

…I can’t connect neither By Whitewinged Angel or Studio64…

EDIT: Nevermind, after a few tries, it worked

i can’t connect to studio64…

Or Edtheserver.yi.org either.

No quake2 for meeeee…

The unoffical backup server irc.nulani.net, port: 6668 is up.

http://www.misguidia.org/index.php?page=servers for alternate servers that might be closer to your location.

Move to GamesNet!

yeah, then i won’t have 2 servers up at all times 8p

regular chat back online.

Sorry, I forgot there was a forum for this… I’ve been swept here due to inability to chat and didn’t remember the outline of the place…

Further, Merlin, it is NOT all right. I still cannot connect.

try EdTheServer.yi.org

Acknowledged. Will do.