Did we ever have...

Did we ever have a list of RPGC forum members that shows what games they play, what servers they’re on, etc…? I think I remember some of you guys talking about it at one time or another, and it seems like a really good idea.

Yeah, I’ve htrown the thread up, but kinda lost them and didn’t bother searching. Just gave up for a direct signup.

runs RPGCGames

I think that ‘favorites’ thing by the left side of each post could be “games he/she plays”, with FPS, racing, MMORPG etc. as categories to be filled up by the user.


Thanks, CH.

That’s crazy, I never knew that existed, that is borderline INSANITY! How do I add myself/make new games (WoW)?

Did you ever have the manners to say please and thank you?

That section is deader than Kennedy.

Ah… Kennedy. He was a nice guy. I liked him. His looks kind of scared me though. Then he was shot… he was shot. In the head. Or something. I want to rip the man’s face open… And bite his neck off. Right off. Plunge my arm into his neck, and just squeeze. Squeeze…

Which Kennedy?

Oh my God! You killed Kennedy! You bastard!

Not Kennedy, Cless Alvein. The person who would shoot.

Sorry Chuck, I forgot my manners for a moment there.

And is there anyway to revive that section? It seems like something a lot of people in the community would enjoy, and I would be more than willing to help get it back up on it’s feet.

I would not… help. Thank you.

Well, SS runs the section but there doesn’t seem to be any new subsections being added… or even existing subsections built up… so you can ask him if you can take over or something, I guess.

shrugs Not that I hve any idea for subsections, I jsut don’t know what games most RPGCers play.

Although admittedly I really SHOULD add WoW to the MMORPG list.

If you have any ideas, or want me to add you to the list, just email me with the stuff I need: Forum nick, Chat Nick (if you go to the chat), any contact info, any times you’lll be on, as wel as if you want your email listed. All I realy need is the Forum name though. The rest is just additional help. Then just list anything relevant for the games you play.

SS, add this information for counterstrike for me:
Name: Steve
Server: Acorns 'R Us (

Maybe we should create a new topic in the Video Game Forum and sticky it?

Name: PanamaJack

World of Warcraft: Fillmore - Dwarvish Rogue - Garona
Warcraft III: PanamaJack on US East

Probably a good idea. I’ll add the info then as soon as I can.

It’d be cool if that section was PHPized, or done over in a way that members could enter their information, and add new games to the list. Cause it must be hard for SS to keep up.