Did I just hallucinate or see news about an AVP MOVIE!?

Alien versus Predator - The movie

Gaaabdleeegaack dream come true blaa…

LETS ROOOOOCK!!! pulserifle

Been looking forward to this ever since Capcom released that arcade game… and even more after those FPSes :>

(Oh, and if this is old… I beg forgivance >_>)

It was an idea for a movie before it was a videogame, back in the mid-90s or whenever. Maybe the success of Freddy vs. Jason has something to do with the studio deciding to make it.

I don’t know where you’ve been but I’ve seen previews for it when I saw the Last Samurai.

I hope that it’s better than Freddy vs Jason. Oh god, do I hope. 984 recalls how great that movie was! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t have high hopes, the director is kind of sucky.

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I don’t have high hopes, the director is kind of sucky.

I like Paul WS Anderson as gave us Resident Evil, Event Horizon, Mortal Kombat, etc…

This was annouced like a year ago and is going to be loosely based on the original dark horse comic series (I want to say 1990) but it is not following the exact same plot.


Until shown otherwise I refuse to be pessimistic on a film based around the two greatest extra-terrestrial species ever.

Event Horizon was pretty scary and it came up with a lot of ideas that were ripped off by other movies. Specifically, when Lawrence Fishburne’s crew sees the horrible images of what happened to the last crew flashing by… they ripped that off in the Ring and Feardotcom, and people thought it was innovative in those movies. Resident Evil wasn’t too bad either. Mortal Kombat wasn’t that good.

I saw the preview when I saw Timeline. Meh.

Well shit…why can’t james cameron or ridely scott do this? Speaking of video games, the aliens vs. predator arcade game was awesome.

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I saw the preview when I saw Timeline. Meh.

I forgot that I saw the preview when I saw Timeline too. That movie was OK. I’m hoping to see LotR:RotK tomorrow. I’ll probably see it again :hahaha; .

You only JUST heard of the AvP movie?

Hm, might be okay.

I thought Freddy Vs. Jason was a great comedy :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, its not going to be a GREAT movie, but it should be fun to watch. I think its going to have some lame-ass ending where nobody wins though… Like they call it a draw, or something explodes and kills them both.

Fuckin’ A!

In Freddy v Jason, you know what would happen, so meh. Mortal Kombat wasn’t exactly great, nor was Resident Evil (but the 2nd movie looks to be KICK ASS). Still, people do learn from mistakes. Let’s hope so, eh?

I saw a review of the (ALLEGED) script for it a while ago. The reviewer wasn’t exactly unbiased, he admitted he hated it from the start, so, while he said it sucks, I guess we’ll have to decide for ourselves.

Supposedly it takes place in the present, in Antartica, where a frozen city (full of Aliens) is found by a company that wants to exploit them. Then the Predators show up.
If that’s true, I guess it holds no continuity with the other movies.

And no, I don’t have the address to the site right now.

I knew about this a while ago. I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long… I read the comics, and I played the games, hopefully the movie is really good.

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Fuckin’ A!


Fuckin’ A, man!

I was the one that posted the trailer on the chat. like last month, way to steal it, dick!