...did I forget something about patching ROMs and IPSs?

OK, so I get the hankering for some good ol’ emulation and I download a few jap ROMs and their respective translations via RPGClassics Translations page. Then I nab SNESTool and use it to patch the IPS with the ROM. I tried “USE IPS” and “JOIN FILE”…and every time I open up SNES9X (I favor it over ZSNES) and open the patched file… i get the “???BADCHECKSUM???DUMASSLOL??” thing and, basically, the file was corrupted.

Otherwise, the ROM will play without a translation patch, with everything in jap.

So, did I forget something? Am I a fucking ass? Doubleyew Tea Eff, mate!

Any patched ROM will have a bad checksum. That doesn’t mean it’s corrupted, it just means it’s patched. It’ll still play.

I never liked SNES9X. I liked ZSNES.

Wait, do you just get the bad checksum message or is there and actual problem with the file? Does the game play properly or not?

On the topic of preference, Snes9x looks a bit better and is, for me, a bit easier to use. I only used Zsnes for Seiken Densetsu 3 (Snes9x’s screen would stretch every time there was dialogue) but otherwise, it was my default. It was also easier to play Star Ocean on, since it was prepared to emulate it with no visual patch thingie.

Yeah, it won’t load up. It’ll give me the loading message, and then just not do anything else.

I’ll (grudgingly) try ZSNES tonight and see if it helps.

Read the part about headers?
99.8% of the time, it is because your ROM does or does not have a header, when the patch was designed for a ROM with the opposite header state.
Read the readme for the patch.
Otherwise, check the ROM size. I know Windows will report a headerless ROM as even numbered filesize (512KB, 1024KB, etc.). Add a header and try again. (SNESTool will do this for you. I think it’ll even tell you if you’re trying to perform the wrong add or delete option on the ROM)
If the filesize is an odd number (513KB, 1025KB, etc.), delete a header.
Oh yeah, and don’t bother patching over a corrupted ROM. That does nothing helpful. Patch over a clean copy.