Did anyone else have as much trouble with Yunaleska . . .

As I did? I was just curious. :thud:

The first time, yes. I lost to her 3 times! But now I am wiser. 8)

I lost to her a few times at first too, but I also became wiser.

I remember losing once, and then beating her on the second try. That happened with a lot of fights in that game.

The first time I played it took me at least three tries before I beat Yunalesca. On my current game, I did it in my first try, and it was pretty easy too. I finally learned the tricks (save the Overdrives, and save the aeons until the third form), and that made it caik.

Mmmm… caik.

I didn’t have any problems. I just Overdrived her to death. I guess I was just insanely overpowered.

The third form was the only troublesome part of the fight. It took my brother and I a few tries, but we got her eventually.

Once I figured out how to not be mega-deathed imediately after the transformation to third form I killed her in one try. I didn’t have any death ward armor or whatnot, so I left about half my party zombified, which is uncomfortable for me.

The main reason I had trouble was because I kept unzombie-ing my people, not knowing that zombied characters still get AP (they don’t get any exp. in other FFs). -_-;;

See, all I did was keep my people zombie-proofed for her second form and when it came to where she was going onto her third form, I took off the zombie-proof for Yuna and made her the healer. And she had the overdrives. ^.^

I didn’t have too much trouble and beat her first time, I wasn’t overlevelled I fluked.

She’s weak to Holy, too. Cast that on her for a quick 7000 damage. 8)

I had quite a bit of trouble. The first form was easy, the second was a little harder, and I usually got killed a couple of times on the last one.

No trouble at all. Get all your aeons overdrives, but don’t use them until the 3rd form.

The Mega Death attack killed me the last time I fought her, I was so mad at myself for not having any Zombies on my party. And by the way, She was HOT!!!

ehh, before she transformed into a hideous monster, maybe. She didn’t do anything for me.

The first form, of course! Altough I did like the Medusa thing, she looked cool, with the tongue and stuff.

Danryd…you are a sick and twisted guy. That is all I have to say on that. I’m still fighting her right now, and today will be my third go.

Ok, first of all, I said Yunaleska was hot before you battle her. I never said that Yunaleska-Medussa was hot, I said she looked cool. Medussas doesn’t turn me on, ok? I’m not that much of a sick guy, Lady Angel.

Sorry…read between the lines! Bad start! Anyway, I still have to beat her. I’ve been too busy to try again for my third time…