Diaries, journals.. Anyone?

Well, some of you might know of this teensy tiny “My days in the Finnish military”-diary that I’m writing and plan to release in the 'net after it’s over, and I was wondering if any of you guys have diaries or other journals? And by diaries/journals, I mean ones you actually write on plain, classic paper.

It releases some pent up stress to write anything negative that’s happened to you on a given day on a piece of paper, since it’s you writing that thing up solely on how you feel yourself. Plus, it’s kind of fun to read it up after a few years a see what kind of a weirdo you were a few years back. (I know I’ll have fun reminiscing all the utterly useless and stupid excercises we have in the military… I mean, what kind of a sane person would clean up the place three times in a day!?)

Secondly, I was wondering what would be the best delivery method after I’m done with it; Some recommend a livejournal (No thanks), but I was thinking of giving it some space on my webpage… (You know, the one with silly drawings that I haven’t updated since last April…)


A blog! Duh.

Well… I used to have a diary, but then I realized that nothing that was happening in my life was interesting enough to be worth the effort of actually writing it down.
I later used it as a notebook for fics, but sicne I haven’t had any inspiration for months now it’s just lying next to my bed collecting dust. :confused:

And my diary was really unimpoirtant. I’ve let complete strangers look in it (htey asked me what book it was when I was on a writers course and I told them htat it used to be my diary. They went sort of “Ooooh, any fun secrets in there?” and I just said: “No.” and let them read it).
Sort of tells you something about how interesting my life was back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

bBlog on blog.maba.nulani.net
And yes, I have a diary. My scrapbook.

I’m not sure I’d want anyone to access my personal thoughts. Obviously, the few I voice aren’t appreciated, or even understood. Besides, writing a diary would go against my idea of not leaving any trace of my passage.

I kept a diary for years, and I still have one, but I hardly ever use it. I’ve got too many online ones to bother.

I’ll show you mine:

Here an Excert:

The Xcellerate Team are in early this morning. Considering there is half morning of teachings today. And Colette is in the kitchen. In the morning treaching session, I think I skidded and grab some spare pants. I shoot past Colette on the way to Men’s.

At the beginning of lunch, Tom, Woody and Chris Secker, start acting like monkeys. They run in to the kitchen and take a bag of bananas. Then head to mid floor level and as some of the ladies must go their dorm on the ground floor. It ends up, Woody scaring Becca (a DNA Lady who was not pleased), as all the rest of the “monkeys” scoff bananas.

After lunch the DNA Team decide what to watch that night. I start act out an impression for each film on the list: “I’m Stinkifootus Maximus. General Dave of the Head in Siberia.” (Gladiator (skit on the Answer to “What is your name, Gladiator?”) done in a Scotish Accent like Mike Myers Dad in So I Married An Axe Murder); “Schwing” (Wayne’s World & Wayne’s World 2)

After we’ve decided, we go out into Manchester. First stop Starbucks (there are said to be 6 in Manchester, I counted 4). The mochá was about average. Hannah and James decide to start singing “cum by Ayr”. I take a look at the WC.

I gotsa blog, none of you should bother reading it though.

Fred Durst’s blog
is still the best. Even though it’s dead.

And BN, that was actually pretty good. Try posting the rest in the Media Forum.

Blog it. Definitely. I guess I don’t see the reasoning behind disliking LJ, but I guess blogger.com is seen as a bit more ‘professional’. Or run something like WordPress or Movable Type on your server.

If I wanted to type out my older journals/diaries onto the internet, I would use blogger.com instead of livejournal.

And, I no longer keep a journal (I ain’t callin’ it a diary, never did!). I used to when I was six… yeah, lots of interesting things happen when your six.

“Dear Journal,we are going to the zoo today!We don’t go to the zoo much.I really like the baby leopards. But I don’t remember if its eather a cheeta or a leopard. Anyway, there is a section for elephants. Bye!”

Yeah… that’s one of my actual entries, if you can call it that. But hey, I was seven or something when I wrote that, so you can’t blame me…
Heh, you should read the part where I described the different levels in Diddy Kong Racing. SO interesting!

BN2? I’ve once Printed it out once, it took 20 pages, before I added the two Images, and done some reformating. It’s actually on my (DEAD) website. And it’s Still has orinigal Engrish. And there is another 14 days/10 printed pages after that fortnight. I’m planning to re-make it as part of my sub site when I join properly. It about 2% of the Total thing.

For those who really want to read the whole thing: http://bignutter.superihost.com/bn2.html