[Diablo2] Now you too can be totally awesome like Blizzard!

That’s the one. I’ma switch it to my lvl 12 Barb when I get the chance.

And my Necro’s pretty much laughing his way through the jungles, thanks to Iron Golem, Skele Mage, and 3 Skeles (+2 raise from my wand). That damned Golem just smashes through almost everything.

And I want to meet the man who designed this Act. -_-

Do you guys play hardcore mode on D2? I used to play about a year ago and once I lost everything because of a lag, I got pissed and got rid of the game. Stayed away ever since.

And that is why i dont play hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

Lag in D2 is different from lag in other games. I find myself actually fucking terrified of death in this game. Thanks Blizzard, I don’t know whether that makes you God or Satan.

Oh, GODS, I know how you feel…the jungles are one huge maze from start to finnish. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten lost in that damnable place trying to find the Gidbinn…

I didn’t feel like losing my equipment. :stuck_out_tongue: