Uh, yeah. Little known fact: I’ve had this for a while. And I found the install disc. So now I’m up against Duriel in Act II. I can’t kill this guy. I have tried and tried and tried, I swear to god. I am a Lv 22 Paladin with a damn good rare morning star, a unique shield that blinds normal enemies when I hit them, and so on, stuff that just gets better. I have Vengeance as my most used attack, level 4. Holy Bolt as backup, level 7. I have tried mercenaries and everything. They die. Then so do I. I have around 210 defens and a damage range of 50-125 with Vengeance, and a 88% hit probability. Duriel hits me 65% of the time, and I block 64% of that. I need help. You can’t even conduct a proper hit-'n-run strategy with this guy. You’re in a frigging pit. I need help.

Oh, and from time to time I sign on battle.net as Tuliver, a Paladin. I always start my own game, on US East, and I call it Softcore 101. Thanks for listening.

I’ve said this before: BE A CHICKEN. Take a fuckton of portals with you, create one as soon as you enter, strike the fucker as many times as you can without dying AND GET THE FUCK OUT. Heal, replenish, go back in, rinse and repeat. And for God’s sake don’t get cocky, no “I think I can do another hit before I leave” or anything like that, don’t take any chances.

Why the hell are you not playing on B.Net is beyond me anyway.

The portal theory is how I do it.

I have dial-up. And bad dial-up at that. My computer is a laptop on my mom’s desk that has a broken screen. The hinge and cords inside actually broke. So now there’s a huge monitor I found on the side of the road on a fold-up end table next to it. Pretty good mnitor for gaming, but I seriously doubt this setup could ever possibly survive a move.

I advocate the above strategy and buying a new computer

I do got a strategy guide for it if you want i can copy the words and write it and post it :wave:

Even better than 1 portal, get a friend (just 1) and use eachothers portals. That’s what hades and I did, and fuck, we were sorc. >.>;

being a chicken is good, getting a team is better, but since you can’t turn yellow and run. You could also try to remake as a good class, like a zon. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is very very far from being an option.