Diablo II game fun fun

I started to play this again, and I need to know some people that still play it… Playing alone is kinda depressing ;.;

Eden’ll play ^^


X’ll play ^.~

I’ll play too, not now, I can’t, since I’m not home, but let say… Friday night. ^^
And I still want that private I.P server thingie

i shall play, and kill Booken whilst doing so.

Not if I have anythign to say about it.

Booken might be a free-loader, but he’s MY free-loader! :stuck_out_tongue:


Come and even Try Shinobi, like you’d even stand a chance. Your ass is mine.

Eden : My honor is in play, don’t interfer please ^^;;

Heh. If you have my ICQ, I wouldn’t mind playing, but I’m waiting for the new patch mainly.

What honor? :stuck_out_tongue:

The new patch will hopefully make the world a better place… hopefully.


A much better place hopefully.

And probably a bit emptier if they fix the Guided Arrow/Pierce bug.

Bookens good as dead.

This ought to be fun to watch!

Can we eat the flesh of the winner?

There, that just ruined my digestion… Well, anyway, I’ve been trying to get Diablo II, and maybe I can join the on-line battles soon…

will you be playing DII with the lord of destruction expansion, or just plain old DII?


Diablo 2: The game of training your index finger what truly is hell as you mash 1, 2, 3 & 4 in unison as your lag draws you deeper into the bloody… “AH HELL, there went half my EXP!!”

Let me know when and where you play and I’ll be there. I hated it that I missed out on the initial wave of Diablo 2 and as such I had no one to play with so I got bored with it.

What gateway are you guys on?

uhhh east

What time do you guys usually play?