Diablo 2 Single Player

Does anyone know of a good cheating utility for Diablo 2 (Exp, of course) single player? I’m a tad bored and I feel like experimenting with evil…

Search for Jamella. That’s the one I always used to use when I first started hacking it. It’s pretty powerful and is very easy to use. It let’s you change the characters stats, level, quests, skills and anything else. You can also create uber-items with it.

Or, you can not hack, and use the players command in single player.

shoots a Redeemer at his own feet

Edit: But is it possible to gain equipment (specifically, uniques/sets) via console commands?

Edit 2: And where can I find a list of said commands?

EDIT: Ah, ok. I haven’t used it in a year anyway, so I’m not surprised.

Urk, I was talking about what Sorc said. I looked at Jamella and it doesn’t do what I want to do (that, and its site doesn’t work)

Then “/players #” (# being a number from 1to 8) sets the game to the amount of players is SUPPOSED to be playing it (although you’re the only one).

So it’s like fighting monsters as diffiicult on 8 players (with /players 8), while you’re alone. This allows for more experience and better drops, although the game is THAT MUCH tougher.

It’s still not hard, even if you do that. I’ve never had the thought “Man, this game is HARD!” It’s easy:P