Diablo 2 help

In Act 2, I’m currently where I need to defeat Duriel in Tal Rasha’s tomb. This guy keeps freezing me and proceeding to kick my ass around this tiny little room! I’m playing as an Amazon; I’m currently level 24, and I’ve been using a bow and arrows for this game. Could someone offer advice, please?

There’s no easy way to do it with a Bowazon. He can’t heal, so keep on trying and he’ll eventually pop. If you’re wasting a lot of arrows, check your Attack Rating. It might need to be boosted a bit. Just keep trying. It’s a battle of persistence with him. A lot of people consider him the hardest boss in the game.

I watched my gf do this. Set up a portal, bring a scapegoat, run, shoot, leave, rinse repeat. She actually beat Duriel like this. I was proud.

Hades and Cro have it about right.

Crotanks’ gf’s method is a good one. it’s how I always beat him.

I was about to post something stupid about how easy duriel is with a bowazon, but then I remembered that I’ve been playing too much of a mod that (among many other things) replaces his cold aura with thorns, making it a bitch to kill him with anything else.

Making good use of valkyrie and decoy is about the only way I ever got through Duriel. Sure he’ll kill them instantly (gotta love THAT design decision), but at least it gives you a couple moments to shoot him before running like hell.

Yeah, Cro’s method is what I always do as well. Just run sticking to the walls shooting for as long as you can and run like hell when it seems like you’ll die.

I’d recommend starting anew with a better class, but I’m bitter towards Amazons. Particularly of the Bow variety, I went for Spears and had an easier time…

Anyway, all the above strategies are the best to follow. In a lot of ways he IS the hardest boss in the game, due to lack of room, his insistance to get up close and personal, ice attacks, and that you’re TRAPPED in the room with him (save by Town Portal) until you defeat him. Maggot-man is nasty.

Bowazons are for a masochistic variety of player. They’re the weakest class until endgame, but the strongest once you get there. They’re set up in a weird way.

If restarting is an option, pick a Sorceress. They’re the least reliant on gear and have the most powerful attacks in the game, at least on normal and nightmare. Amazons cut grass with scissors; sorcs use lawnmowers.

I used a summoning druid against him which works quite well, he gets to busy with my creatures to ever focus on me. I just have to make sure I have a good supply of mana potions so that I can summon them as fast as he kills them.

QFT. I had an Orb sorc and man, I couldn’t be stopped.

As a random note, anyone who plays a Fire-using Sorc should make a Leaf staff: Tir+Ral in a two-socket staff, neither of which are terribly uncommon. Among other nice things, it adds +3 to all fire skills and an additional +3 to Warmth, and its level requirement is only 19.

Fuck, I’ve been playing a necromancer :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember using the hireling method until I ran out of money. You may be better off saving gold for mana and health potions and using cold arrow to slow him down. Then you can get a couple shots in. Decoy helps a lot.

Can’t be stopped until hell where you do no damage to anything heh. And bowazons pretty much suck now. :frowning:

Edit: This is with a fully updated client

Hahaha. So true. I spend most of my time teleporting to out run element immune creeps and switching attacks.

Blaze is finally useful for something when I run into cold immune abonimibles/sasquatch/whatever they’re called.

Has anyome tried the Hellfire Torch quest?

I wish Diablo II had action bars like World of Warcraft. Switching stuff and picking spells in the middle of combat can be a pain in the backside. As for Duriel, I spent a truckload of portal scrolls and ended up finishing him off with a Grim Quill Balanced Knife because the bastard kept freezing me before I could pick up the gear from my corpse.

F-keys. It worked for me well enough.

Yeah, no kidding. You did know you can bind spells and skills to the F Keys right?

After you bind F-keys you can also bind secondary keys. I made mine all alpha keys on the right side of the board