Diablo 2... again

Since I recently got back to trying Diablo II on battle.net out of sheer boredom, I couldn’t help wonder if someone else still plays that thing. While I’m at it, I thought I’d ask for an opinion on reccomended levels, since I have a level 33 character on single player that keeps losing life like a motherf(BEEP) and has a hard time getting around in acts IV and V. I also end up spending almost all of my stashed funds on potions and am having trouble leveling up again. Any suggestions? ^^;; As some people here might recall, I had to get a little help via open multiplayer to finish Act IV, because I coudln’t last long enough to get to the red bastard.

It helps when you give people your CLASS :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a wild guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, paladin, what a surprise.

But while playing on battle.net, I realized that leveling up past a certain point is difficult for all classes. A necromancer I created was constantly getting killed, even though he was already able to summon a good number of skeletons. The paladin I created on multiplayer is faring a little better, with level 7 thorns.

That explains why you’re dying then :P. I’ve never been successful with a Paladin. And it sounds like you boosted thorns too much.

A necro can survive rather easily. Blood golem + iron maiden with some corpse explosions, bone spear and attract works very nicely.

Well, then that multiplayer paladin can finally get other skills, I guess. The other powers are still at much lower levels. I intended to build him up around the “touch me and die” philosophy, but diversity wouldn’t hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the necro, well… I tried to get even after being zerg rushed in single player all the time. I guess a few more level ups will let me get a full monster squad.

But what about other classes? I’ve been wondering about the sorceress, where to focus skill points and whatnot, and also the druid.

Ice sorceresses rock until hell dif, where ice immunes just fucking blow. My build for the necro is a little lame but it works wonders. The druid elementalist is interesting, but his ultimate skills aren’t so hot, imo. I wasn’t impressed. The werebear path is a favored one from what I’ve heard.

I hated D2. The sorceress was all spamming the same spell over and over, without diservity or anything but nukebots. I had no way to keep monsters at bay, and immunities was just that -bleh-.
I do remember Hydras. Oh man those owned. I miss my hydras.

orb > hydra.

But for once I agree with Booken, D2 is not a diversity game :stuck_out_tongue:

Ice was the element that was the most absorbed in Hell difficulty. And you can’t toss orbs from behind walls, thro hallways, as effective as you could sprout hydras.

Hydras > Orb. Fire it up!

Hades and I made 2 sorcs. He had a fire sorc. I had an ice sorc. Who wiped the floors clean? Me. Hades gave up because he couldn’t kill anything, including the ice immunes. If you want to complain about ice immunes being common in hell dif, monsters have high fire resistance a long time before hell difficulty. Hydra doesn’t do the damage required.

Ahh, Diablo 2. I had a Sorceress for the longest time, but somebody erased my file on me. (My name? Arche Klaine) (I was in a ToP mood when I named her)

I made it to Act V, and I was still licking ***, and… GAH! What a typo! I meant KICKING *** not licking! (I actually did typo that) My focuses at the time were Blizzard (I wasn’t high enough on levels to get frozen orb) and Warmth. I swear my mana was NEVER low. It’d go up at a ridiculous rate, My life too. I was careful to buy lots of equipment that gained me life. I was using the Razortine as a weapon, since I never liked any of the staves I got. I had the Hawkmail armor, and I killed enemies quite quickly (but then, it was only Normal Difficulty, my file was erased before I even got close to Baal) :bowser:

As for Paladins, I built Prayer up to a ridiculous level right away, and Zeal. I never got very far in that either. (Mainly because I get a chance to play maybe once every three or four months. My cousins have the game, I just played it when I could)

Manus, I think I still have a Lv40 Assasin on single, if you’d like to hook up sometime.

Ice or Fire sorc? I had both. Neh, three elements. Immunities didn’t scare me. Orb does pack a bigger punch, and providden Diablo 2’s playstyle, Orb was a lot more effective, I cannot deny.
The hydras was still funnier and more useful when it came to weaken a room from afar, while blasting away orbs from the doorway.
Hydras > Orb, just cause I like them :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not cuz you like em that they’re any good :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, things have been getting pretty boring lately, so I guess I might fire up D2 again today if I can stay up. Just one thing… When two or three RPGCers (one of them was Rirse, if I recall) helped me take Diablo down, they left me a few very interesting items, including a superior divine scepter and the Amn Ral Thul runes… So, as you’d expect, I assembled King’s Favor… but I never got my level high enough to use that thing, and worse… since I’m such an awful pack rat in RPGs, I dropped the scepter for a second so I could warp back and sell some junk to replace some of the funds I keep spending on potions. When I came back, the scepter was gone… this, on single player. Man, was I pissed… ^^;;

And single player is so boring… I mean, going out alone against all those Braveheart-like hordes, hacking and slashing through dungeons… then what? I just wish there was more diversity in multiplayer as well.

Since I’m going to have a couple of weeks free very soon, I was thinking about tagging along with whoever still plays D2 here, and go around beating the game.

My characters were deleted like, a month ago. I had a 69 Necromancer and a 57 Barb.

I really don’t plan on rebuilding them anytime soon, either.

But yeah, Pally’s are one of the tougher classes, and they have different builds. Like a Thorn Build.

I had a really high level Necro (70+), with a shitload of items, but I think he’s gone now.
I had an ice soceress, too, who I’d started after I got bored of the Necro never having any challenge with anything.

Thorns and Zeal. That’s been my overall strategy. I just wish I could find a complete equipment set… that doesn’t require me having insane levels.

Sorry Booken, but Hydra blows. You won’t be weakening ANYTHING with a 200 damage fire p-shooter that is 90% absorbed by anything after normal difficulty.

I’ve also had both fire and ice, and ice is better in every respect. It’s funner, more powerful, safer, and can prevent ressurection.

Hell, Chain Lightning is better than fire in every respect. I’ve had a godly CL sorc once that rivaled FO sorcs in pure killing power.

Don’t worry about all the skill trees and optimal character theories you hear, they’re not really that important. You’re not going to have a shitty character if you put use your points wrong. Put one skill point into any skill that interests you, and if they seem good then start buffing them up. And for gods sakes don’t go all one tree, specializing screws you over when you run into monsters strong against whatever you’ve specialized in.