Devil May Cry 4

Here is what’s known so far:

  • New main character named “Nero”. Confirmed not to be Vergil.

  • Story takes place in a city called Fortuna

  • Nero is leading a group that wants to ressurect Sparda, Dante’s Father. However, an unknown man infiltrates the base and is killing Nero’s Generals. That man turns out to be Dante, whom Nero does not know.

  • Nero has an unique ability named Demon Bringer, instead of Devil Trigger. His demon arm is able to grapple enemies from afar. Only ability revealed so far.

  • Dante is most likely playable.

  • The game now has more focus on Air Combat.

  • The game is said to have more cutscenes than the previous three combined.

So far, it looks nice. I am not sure what to think of the new main character ( I am gonna hate Capcom if they make him the long lost third brother), but the focus on story seems nice.

Trailers will be released during TGS.

I like how Nero is a Dante colourswap.

Yeah, just like Vergil.

At least Vergil has a different kind of coat, and doesn’t use guns.

Yay, a DMC verison of Xenosaga.

I’ve only played the first game, and the corniness of the cut scene almost keelled me ded. Cripes, even “Oooh, what’s this? A LIVER!”/father-and-son-mind-connect-across-hundreds-of-years-and-miles-thanks-to-kid’s-love-Onimusha was better than that.

… at least Onimusha had GOGANDANTES, the GRRREATEST SWORDSMAN of all the DEMONS.

By the way, I know they’re controlled by the devil and all, but I’m still wondering HOW the heck marionettes can bleed.

Gogandantes? What kind of name is that?

You can tell he grew to be the greatest swordsman to cut the picking on him cold.

Gaugin+Dantes=GOGANDANTES, ready to do some mean tricks :stuck_out_tongue: