Devil May Cry 3 or God Of War?

I read great reviews about both games. I’ m thinking about buying both but which one should I get first? Or, which one is better? Should I get them both or just one? I can’ t decide so I’ m asking help to you fellow gamers. Thanks for your help.

God of War. The demo alone could be considered the best action game of the year. But luckily for us, theres a whole game of that orgasmic bliss. DMC3 may be good, but it would have to jerk me off and make me breakfast to be better than God of War.

I do agree with Izlude. God of War is a superb action platformer with a great visceral thrill. DMC3 is also very good, but the fact that it is so difficult makes it much harder to get into than God of War.

Face it, you like GoW because it has BOOBIES.

Seriously though, they’re right, God of War is simply better made and far more entertaining than DMC3. Plus, the sheer amount of shit you can unlock makes it a much better game in my opinion.

GoW was way too short for me. First time (on Hard Mode), took me 7 hours. It’s still an incredible game, but DMC3 was much deeper and challenging for me. GoWs combat is simple, but fun, while there is much more replay value in DMC3 simply because they are so many different ways to play it.

Both are great games, but I’d go with DMC3. GoW you can beat in a rental, but it really is an awesome game.

So if you want a game that will last much longer, get DMC3.

If you want a game that’s short but, oh so sweet, get GoW.

Or get both like I did.

i like DMC3 better, i mean i like the whole kill the demons thing. I like his sword and guns to, they rock. God of war rocked too, i just liked DMC3 a bit better thats all.

If this can help, here’ s what I like in a game:

1 gameplay
2 replay value
3 length
4 storyline

If it’ s a RPG, exchange point 2 and 3. Thanks for helpin’!

I would say:

  1. If you like hard games, DMC3, if you don’t particularly care about difficulty, GoW.
  2. I would give this to GoW without question.
  3. DMC3, without question.
  4. I believe storyline is based on opinion, so, the incredibly basic (as well as slightly sardonic) storyline of both games:
    DMC3: Dante is a half demon who slays demons basically for the betterment of the world. Very anime styled, with an ‘epic’ feel to it. He’s also a superbadass and dresses all cool. So he looks cool, breaks shit, and kills things.
    GoW: Kratos was betrayed by the God of War, and wants his revenge. So he has sex, breaks shit, and kills things.

I personally thought God of War had a cooler idea, but DMC3’s story was much better executed.

Arac said:

GoW: Kratos was betrayed by the God of War, and wants his revenge. So he has sex, breaks shit, and kills things.


Ah, and by gameplay I mean lots o’ features and stuff you can do, combine, improve, modify and stuff like that. Thanks for posting your opinions!

Devil May Cry has the better combat engine IMO. It allows you to play however you want.

GoW system is simple yet fun. It’s deep, but not as deep as DMC3.