Devil May Cry 2

I just bought the game, cuz I am a huge Devil May Cry fan.


This game is the worst game I have ever played. The graphics are worse than DmC1. Music was the same. Gameplay sucked. All you really had to do was hold the square button and maybe jump a few times.

Story? DmC1 had on OK story, not too great, but it is ok for an action game like that. DmC2, had a story which made no sense. They were no connections to DmC1, only Dante is the returning character.

So stay away from this game, or you will never trust action games again.

I liked the game, and I thought it was better than the first. Then I bought the first one and immediately loved it more again :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t there a second character in 2?

Yes there is. Lucia.

She sucked.

Was she at least hawt?

Yes, she was on the cover. But in the game, she was kinda fat.

More cushion for the pushin. Dante probably porks her still.

I’d hit it.

You said that that was the worst game you’ve ever played?

Try a barbie game for Gameboy. >.>

You actually try those games?

Try unlocking Trish as a playable character.

The enemy in DMC1 are cool,
but those in DMC2 are only disgusting.

There was also the original Dante to unlock as well.

The camera was too far out
The enemies were lame
The bosses were too easy
The weapons were poor
The character’s lines were cheesy in a bad way instead of cheesy in a cool way

About the only decent thing was the new Devil Mode system.