Devil In Disguise

Just listening to “The King” now… and I never really noticed how good he really is… Elvis is actually pretty good! - Just my new revelation… Who else here likes him?


I do, but I’m O-O-O-O-Old! :hahaha;

Seriously, the King still rules today. :slight_smile:

Presley’s ghost: “MY DAUGHTER MARRIED WHO???”

I like his music. I saw a movie with him the other day, that was one strange movie. But the song was good.

I like him. I rather like older singers, like Elvis, Sinatra, and Crosby.

Haven’t listened to any of him for a while, but I love his music.

“And then they did WHAT?!”

Ahh, Sinatra was classics, one of the best!

Yeah… the Elvis movies were all filmed in like, 6 months, and release over a time-span while he was in the army, so as to not let people forget him… but how could you forget someone so BIG at the time!?