DeJap has made de update about Star Ocean, in case anyone knows or cares. :sunglasses:

<img src=“”> Server’s down <_<

Then when I got back, my computer literally exploded.

Someone up there must not like DeJap…>_>

Btw, cid, i didnt know you helped over at DeJap, thats pretty cool :cool:

“Cidolfas (from the FFCompendium & RPGClassics)” :ah-ha!: :victoly:

<img src=“”> Awesome, we got plugged :smiley: Repeatedly :smiley:

Now I know why Cid’s real life caught up with him 8)

On a side note, I contacted Namco to ask if they would let us port and translate the new GBA version of ToP legitimately for a North American release. I was told a flat out “No.” by their localization manager. Reason: head office didn’t yet feel that ToP was suitable for English speaking audiences (i.e. they wouldn’t make enough money from it); and then I was told even if they did want to translate it they would never let us do it. Heh… Stupid Namco.

Blorg…people like this are people that SHOULD be translating games like this. You can bet anything that if the GBA ToP makes it stateside, it’ll be missing a few of the better moments. That’s exactly the reason why I never wanna see an “official” Bahamut Lagoon translation.


Stupid Namco.
They could have at least given a reason why they wouldn’t have entrusted them with the translation. That they aren’t professional isn’t a good reason: Just look at a couple of so called professionally translated games.

Anyway. It’s good to know they aren’t dead, and are still planning to pull through with the translation of Star Ocean.